Pet relocation to Ecuador can be quite stressful and especially for the pet owners who frequently feel more anxious about their animals than they do about themselves. Not knowing how your pet is going to travel in the cargo bay can be quite scary.  But there are companies that can give you a helping hand and if you plan in advance and know what to expect, then hopefully when the time comes it won’t be too stressful.

We have done some legwork for you and below are a few guidelines that are required before your pet can relocate to Ecuador.




Pet Passport Requirements

The following regulations for taking a pet dog or cat into Ecuador have been issued on the website.

  • Ecuador does not quarantine healthy dogs and cats who meet the following requirements:
  • Your pet cat or dog must have a current rabies vaccination administered between 30 days and 12 months prior to entry into the country.
  • USDA (or CFIA) accredited veterinarian must complete the Veterinary Certificate for Ecuador for endorsement by the USDA or CFIA if traveling from the United States or Canada.
  •  If you are not traveling from either of these countries, the Governing Authority of your country responsible for the import and export of animals should endorse the forms.
  • The Veterinary Certificate should be endorsed by the Ecuadorian Consulate. There is a fee for this service.
  • A copy of the Rabies Certificate should also be included for endorsement.
  • Ticks & Tapeworm test must be administered shortly prior to travel.

This completes a passport for your dog or cat to enter Ecuador.


You can find more information for Pet Relocation Ecuador at the United States Department of Agriculture website which also sets out the regulations required to import pets into Ecuador.  There are several PDF’s on the site that you can download.


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