Cuenca, Ecuador, still remains in the Top 3 Internationally Rated Best Places in the World to Retire to! After being ranked the number one (#1) spot to retire to (multiple times at that during the past decade or so!), Cuenca, Ecuador has for 2019 achieved the #2 best rated country for retirees across the globe.  And, Ecuador will quite likely YET AGAIN be selected either #1, #2 or #3 in the 2020’s and beyond, because as a Retirement Haven, it is simply known by the Expats who move here as “second to none”, and also as the “best home away from home” of all!

Cuenca remains to be a heartwarming place for retirees to relocate to with having over 8,000 expats.  But besides its most well known Expat beloved city of Cuenca, more foreigners are also relocating to other beautiful areas of Ecuador, as the Retirement Cuenca Ecuador Cost of Living compared to the US or Canada is truly just a small fraction to have a standard of living in Ecuador fit for luxury in relation to the US or Canada.

In Cuenca you not only enjoy beautiful weather, spectacular mountain views, modern conveniences and an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables your wallet will be very pleased with the prices.

Cuenca also offers great cultural activities. Over the past few years Cuenca, Ecuador has become increasingly popular with those who are looking at retiring. Simply because in Cuenca you can afford to live a comfortable lifestyle. Prices have risen as more expats relocate to Cuenca, but they are still affordable. Gone are the days where it was advertised that you could live on $600 per month. Realistically a couple could live a very comfortable life on around $1300 per month. It really depends on your lifestyle.

This website provides lots of ongoing information about relocating to Ecuador. Hopefully you will enjoy reading through the many articles by expats and also other information gathered on an ongoing basis that hopefully will help you the expat who is thinking of relocating to Cuenca, Ecuador.