by David Sheeshka

If you are preparing a plan for Manabi travel, you must know some important facts about Manabi which will help to make your trip a better and successful one. Facts about Manabi include a number of things which are necessary for the tourists coming to the province in Ecuador. Manabi, Ecuador is famous for its fantastic beaches, picturesque fishing villages, commercial centers such as Manta, and obviously Machalilla National Park, with its rich vegetation and varied species of fauna.Mammals of the tropical dry forest include howler monkeys, capuchins, jaguars, pumas, ocelots, deer. Within the birds are anis, tanagers, caciques, cuckoos, caracaras, hawks, swallows and falcons. Reptiles include crocodiles, anacondas, green iguanas, lizards and various snakes.

Geographical Facts 

Comprising 22 cantons, the province of Manabi, Ecuador is located along the central part of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast.Climatic Facts
The Climate of Manabi is dry to humid subtropical, with an average temperature of 25 degree Celsius.Transportation Facts
Manabi, Ecuador is well-connected to the other provinces of the country. There are two domestic airports and an international cargo airport, as well in the province. Transportation in Manabi is convenient.

Facts about Lodging and Dining 

There is a wide array of accommodations offering comfortable lodging to the tourists. The tourists will find a number of hotels and dining outlets where the guests can stay and indulge in the best cuisine. Dining in Manabi is a pleasure for the guests. Ceviche, made of fish, shrimp, or shellfish, is one of the most delectable specialties. Manabi, Ecuador is famous for delicious sea food.


Some of the popular beaches in Manabi, Ecuador are San Vicente, San Jacinto, San Clemente, Puerto Cayo, Puerto Rico, Puerto Lopez, Crucita, Canoa, Cojimies, Pedernales and Jaramijo. Manabi’s scenic resorts offer peaceful surrounding as well as delicious and unique coastal cuisine. With its unspoiled, white beaches, vegetation and La Isla de la Plata, where some of the Galapagos species thrive in abundance, Machalilla National Park is the famous attraction in Manabi, Ecuador.


Made of fish, shrimp, or shellfish, ceviche is one of Manabí’s most delectable specialties. In general, all types of seafood are very popular. But what you can find on the table on a daily basis, both for locals and tourists, are fish viche, a soup or stew made with peanuts, and sancocho, a local delicacy made with plantains and fish. In Puerto Lopéz, spondylus ceviche, a dish prepared from the spondylus shellfish, is also quite popular.

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