Montanita is a magical place, a small village along the southern coast of Ecuador. We experienced Montanita with a friend who had been visiting thisarea sincehe was a teenager as he loves surfing and snorkelling.

Magnificent unspoilt beaches, world-classsurfing and both island and mountain natural reserves. A hidden treasure that did not even appear on the maps just a few years ago.

Montanita started as a beach with a few rustic houses of native fishermen and some surfer’s tents. Over time it’s grown to include vacation homes, small hotels and rustic restaurants, created by people seeking to escape the frantic life-style of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and main seaport.

Nowadays Montanita is a very multicultural seaside location, with tourists arriving from any where in the world to enjoy surf lessons, great food and fantastic music and nightlife.


Montanita has been known for bringing fantastic tourism and impressing tourists so much that many of these people decide to stay. These people include Ecuadorians, Argentineans, Europeans, Canadians, Americans and Australians.

The only way to reach Montanita is over land via the Route of the Sun, a beautiful coastal highway running along the Ecuadorian coast.

You can get a bus from Guayaquill from the bus station which takes you direct to Montanita. It will cost you around $6.00 USD maximum to catch a luxury coach.

From our observations there are plenty of great hostels you can stay at. The price per night is generally $15.00 USD per person. This gives you a room with an en-suite and a balcony with hammock and some have a great views of the ocean.