Health care throughout Ecuador is of a very high standard, and health care costs in Cuenca Ecuador are reminiscent of what they were over 50 years ago in the US or even Canada. Many Cuenca Doctors and Specialists speak English and treat you so well that you could be forgiven for thinking you are living back in the 1950’s. Generally, a Doctors consult may set you back $15-25 and a Dental consult also around $15-25.  Doctors and Dentists can even make house calls when necessary. Specialist fees are around $30-40 for a consult, and even for example, say, Cuenca Plastic Surgery, a Doctor Specialist in Plastic Surgery is just 20% (or even less) of what the cost is in North America for the same cosmetic procedure when done in Cosmetic Surgery Cuenca Ecuador, and at the same or better level of care as in North America too. Dental Implants in Cuenca Ecuador (which usually in North America is a very expensive procedure with any US or Canadian dentist), is instead at a super low price in Cuenca of around $1000 or so for ALL – just to put that in perspective, prices in North America for dental implant surgery can often be $5,000+ for a COMPLETE tooth implant with crown! Plus, Lasik Surgery in Cuenca Ecuador is a dream as well, at just around $1400 for BOTH YOUR EYES TOGETHER (all-inclusive for both your “peepers”!).

Alternative health care is very acceptable and most General Practitioners are very much in favor of using natural medicines along with pharmaceuticals.  They don’t have the regulations like the USA FDA.

Minor procedures are also inexpensive and the larger operations are dramatically cheaper compared to prices at home (and have the same level of safety and care as in North America, or better). There are quite a large number of expats who we know of that have had quite critical operations here in Cuenca and have virtually unanimously praised the standard of treatment that they received.  For either your major or minor health issues in Ecuador, you will find that you can safely, reliably and happily make the right choice for your health in Ecuador with the Ecuador health care system.

In Cuenca you will find massage and natural therapy doctors along with quite a few natural medicine stores.  Pharmaceutical medicines are also so much cheaper compared with that at home.



Cuenca Dentists, Cuenca Doctors & Ecuador Medical Tourism
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Find Health in Ecuador Dental & Medical Clinic is a personalized, comprehensive english speaking Dental & Medical Clinic for Expats right in the heart of Cuenca, and they also serve as of the most prominent Medical Tourism facilities for Expats in all of Ecuador as well! Find Health in Ecuador is devoted to improving your quality of life by assisting you with your Dental Care and General Health Care matters, including of course through every step of any necessary and/or cosmetic medical procedures while you are in Cuenca (for example, only $15 for either a Dental Cleaning or a Dental Filling at their Clinic, or an astonishingly low price of $300 for a COMBINED “Colonoscopy with Endoscopy” at their Clinic as well – plus they coordinate your hotel and/or furnished apartment or home stay in beautiful Cuenca, as well as an English speaking taxi driver to take you to and/from your appointments or to take you to/from the Airport (in the case of Medical Tourism patients of course).  Find Health in Ecuador focuses on affordability and quality of care with optimal results, while providing a customized experience tailored to your personal needs and goals.

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Full Medical Coverage For Just $70 Per Month — New Health Care Option For Residents Is One More Reason To Think About Retiring To Ecuador by Kathleen Peddicord

According to Kathleen Peddicord, Ecuador’s national health care plan (IESS) has now removed age and pre-existing medical condition restrictions for those who want to join the system voluntarily, and voluntary membership is open to ALL Legal Expat Residents and/or Citizens of Ecuador, for just $70 per month as the monthly cost (i.e. a $70 monthly health insurance premium).

Furthermore, this new state sponsored healthcare system will provide medical coverage, including doctor visits with no co-pays or deductibles, dental care and free or discounted prescriptions.

In addition to health care, voluntary members of the system are also entitled to other Social Security system benefits, including low interest loans for home purchases, funeral expense assistance, and unemployment benefits.

Although joining the government program is not for everyone (like anything else in this life), it is a great option for those who might not otherwise be able to obtain low-cost health insurance or whose prior health insurance doesn’t cover them in foreign countries (because most plans don’t).

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“Cuenca Dental Care” at the
Find Health in Ecuador Dental & Medical Clinic

At Find Health in Ecuadorfor a Dental Filling you are looking at just $15 – for a Root Canal you are talking only $120+, and you will find that their Dentist and staff are very professional, fully english speaking and efficient.
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Cueca Doctor



Hospitals in Cuenca

In Cuenca there several wonderful hospitals that you can attend.  In fact Cuenca is known for its wonderful medical Universities.  I have been told by some people that the University of Cuenca medical department is one of the best in all of South America.

There are three major hospitals that most expats attend should the occasion arise are:

Hospital Universitario del Rio

The University Hospital Hospirio River SA University is an institution that began its run on May 26, 2009, offering quality medical services with the highest standards of technology and human resources that are available in Ecuador.

Among the services available to the Hospital Inpatient areas are generally Pediatric Hospitalization, Surgical Unit, Adult Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care, and automated clinical laboratory, microbiology laboratory, (the hospital has a 1.6 Tesla magnetic resonator), gastroenterology service, retail pharmacy among others, detailed later.

Hospital Monte Sinai

In 1990 a group of highly experienced medical professionals and administrative professional, planned the creation of a private facility capable of providing health services to Cuenca and the Southern region, providing it with the latest technology, but more importantly for this medical group was the provide the country with something that its inhabitants deserve “quality and efficiency in health care.”  Monte Sinai is a private hospital and it has modern and comprehensive medical services which are at affordable prices .


Hospital Santa Ines

The idea of the Santa Ines hospital was established 44 years ago by a group of medical specialist who wanted to ensure the best professional service for its people.  It was a dream come true.  After being officially granted permission by the Ministry Of Health to practice as a hospital in 1995 the hospital upgraded its facilities in many areas but was renowned for its open-heart surgery and cardiac catheterization.  The hospital prides itself for its 365 days a year trauma care unit.  Many of the medical professionals today are at the forefront of medical facilities in Ecuador and abroad.