by David Sheeshka


Otavalo artisan markets in Ecuador are known to be the largest indigenous markets in South America.  You can visit the markets every day but the best day is on a Saturday which is the time that many of the indigenous come to Otavalo to sell their wares.  The Otavaeños are famous for their weaving and other textiles.  In the main square you will find about 90 mushroom shaped stalls.  Walk in any direction from the square and each side street is filled with stall after stall after stall.



If you are visiting Ecuador and love to do a spot of shopping then put on some comfy shoes and take time to visit the Otavalo artisan markets.  You will need a whole day to walk up and down all the streets but even if you don’t you are bound to find some interesting artifacts to purchase as gifts or just to remember your visit to Ecuador.

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“Otavalo, capital of Otavalo Canton, is a largely indigenous town in the Imbabura Province of Ecuador. The town has about 90,000 inhabitants [1]and is surrounded by the peaks of Imbabura (4,630 metres (15,190 ft)), Cotacachi (4,995 metres (16,388 ft)), and Mojanda volcanoes”.




2 Day 1 Night Otavalo Tour

The province of Imbabura is one of the most popular destinations in Ecuador: a magical land of lakes, snow-covered mountains and terraced farmlands. This trip allows you to explore the fertile valleys around Otavalo, enjoying its remarkable landscapes, craft centers, and wonderful people. For centuries, regional markets have played an important role in Indian life, providing regular gathering places for trade and socializing. The Otavalo Indian market dates back to pre-Inca times and is famous for its textiles woven on backstop and shuttle looms.

The first day, while heading north you will stop at Calderon, famous for dough bread dolls and biscuits. After this visit you experience the dramatic change from highlands to desert as soon as you arrive to Guayllabamba valley, briefly exploring the river canyon. Depending on the day of the week, we will visit the famousOtavalo market either on day 1 or 2 and spend the night at a local hacienda or hostal in the area. On the other day we explore the villages and natural sites around Otavalo, such as Cotacachi for leather goods, Peguche for textile manufacturing and its beautiful waterfall, and San Antonio de Ibarra, famous for woodcarving.

This trip is also designed for adventure lovers, as you have the opportunity to hike around the picturesque Cuicocha lake and do some local hikes connecting haciendas and local villages.


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