by Lorell Stewart



I’ve had it on my mind for quite a while to dedicate one or two days to walking around with my camera, just to photograph some of Cuenca’s incredible graffiti.  Recently, and much to my surprise, as I was riding around town in a taxi, it hit me that I have apparently been thinking about this for far too long!

Graffiti has just EXPLODED across the city, and is growing exponentially by the week.  My “one or two days of walking around with a camera” is no longer a realistic pursuit.  It would now take weeks, if not months, to track down all the beautiful art.  Fortunately, this realization has not put me off my game.  I have decided to eat this beautiful elephant one bite at a time!

I do have to start, though, don’t I?


I googled “Cuenca graffiti” and some images did show up.  I even learned that there is a Cuenca Graffiti Facebook Group.  Frankly, I was astonished to learn that although bits and pieces of photos do exist, I did not find anything presented in a cohesive format. I am hopeful that someone, somewhere has already (or is currently) chronicling this beautiful art and that perhaps someone reading this short article can help me with my “walkabout” plan?

I hope to contact Jorge Alvarez, who I learned is a member of a coalition of 60 to 80 local muralists, Martin Arevalo, who I understand to be the voice of 18 groups here dedicated to graffiti art, Juana Berosa, who is a city councilor that helped develop new city rules to encourage the muralist movement…and many, many others.

In the meantime though, dear readers, I would love to hear from you on this subject! Here are just a few photos of just a few murals along just a few blocks on/near Calle Larga. I hope you enjoy this “glimpse”!

Saludos Lorell









Lorell Stewart has lived in Cuenca for several years and conducts the “Spanish Immersion Homestay”.  To find out more CLICK HERE.