Here are some useful Spanish phrases that will help you with your daily travel through Ecuador.

One word you really need to remember is “Bano” which means bathroom. You may also want to remember these words as well “Varones” and “Mujeres” which mean “Men” and “Women” just in case the bathrooms are not marked.

Spanish is not entirely necessary in Ecuador but of course it is an advantage. English is part of the curriculum for school children. You will also find many Ecuadorians speak English. Generally they have been educated or lived overseas.


Introductions and Greetings

We found the Ecuadorians are extremely polite. You will always be greeted by a “Buenos Dias” or a “Hola” and always a hand shake and a kiss on each cheek.

Good morning (before noon)- Buenos dias

Good afternoon (before sunset) – Buenas tardes

Good evening/night (after sunset) – Buenas noches

Hello – Hola

Goodbye – Chao/Ciao

Please – Por Favor

Thank you – Gracias

Your welcome – Da Nada

Congratulations – Felicidades

I’m sorry – Lo siento

Excuse me – Disculpe/perdon

Come in – Adelante

What is your name? – Como se llama?

My name is – Me llamo

Pleased to meet you – Mucho Gusto

Very Good Muy bien

See you later – Hasta Luego

I don’tunderstand – No entiendo

Please repeat – Repita por favor

To your health –Cheers – Salud

Cold – Frio

Hot – Caliente

Open – Abierto

Closed – Cerrado