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Find Health in Ecuador is a fully comprehensive English speaking Medical & Dental Clinic for Expats and local Ecuadorians alike (Clinica Dental Cuenca – Clinica Odontologia Cuenca – Clinicas Dentales Cuenca – Clinicas Odontologias Cuenca – Odontologos en Cuenca – Odontologos Pediatras en Cuenca), as well as a leading Medical Tourism provider for Ecuador, located in Cuenca. We are devoted to improving your quality of life by assisting you through every step of your chosen medical procedure and your stay here in Cuenca.  We focus on affordability and quality of care with optimal results, while providing a customized experience tailored to your personal needs and goals.

Dr. Andres Pacheco

Age: 28
Experience: 8 years
English Capabilities: Advanced

Dental Credentials:
Master of Science in Dentistry

Professor of Dentistry at Multiple Cuenca Universities

Dr. Andres Pacheco graduated from the Catholic University where he obtained his MS in Dentistry. He is highly honored for receiving a 96/100 on his final graduate test from the faculty. He then went on to learn and study in several areas of importance in the dentistry world such as serving as a renowned dental spokesperson in various seminars and workshops. He also served as a Coordinator in the area of Outpatient Surgery at the Hospital Central Antonio Maria Pineda in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Dr. Andres Pacheco then began his dental career working for a Dental Practice, “Pro Dental”, as a Dentist as well as sub-director for a Health Center for the Health Ministry of the Providence of Loja when he then became enabled to register under SENECYT (Ecuador’s Government Institution for Certifying Degree Credentials). He soon after became a Dental Professor at the Catholic University in Dental Anatomy and the University of Cuenca as well as Chemistry at the Catholic University. Today, Dr. Andres Pacheco works at the “Find Health in Ecuador Clinic” and is known widely for his gentle and “no pain dentistry techniques”. His hobbies include nature, classic cars, motorized sports and going to the movies.

Patient Testimonials


I first want to compliment you on Dr. Andres Pacheco’s amazing work with me yesterday. After an anti-anxiety pill from your doctor, I was relaxed and comfortable during the entire procedure to repair a broken tooth and replace a mercury filling. I could not tell when the filling was removed. I didn’t feel a thing! I had to ask, because I could not believe he had removed it without so much as a twinge of pain. He explained that it takes twice as long to use instruments rather than a drill, and yet he would not let me pay him more than the $30 that Ecuador law recommends. I’ve seen a variety of dentists over the course of 60 years, and I have never been so lucky as to have a single other one with Dr. Pacheco’s skillful hands.

I also want to take this opportunity to compliment Ana Maria on her fluency in English and her professionalism. I tell everyone to check out Find Health in Ecuador first for all their medical and dental needs.

~ Deborah Nance, Iowa and New York, USA

I generally tolerate dentistry….I know it’s good for me….but I dread the discomfort. My experience at Find Health In Ecuador Clinic was a pleasant surprise and quite a change from the norm. The dentist was very professional and most caring. If he saw any sign on my face that might indicate discomfort, he stopped immediately and asked how I was doing. And honestly, I never experienced one bit of pain.

I lost part of a tooth, one week into my adventure in Ecuador. I knew right away I would need a crown. In part, I knew this because just before I came here, I had a crown put in. That first crown, with insurance, cost me $1,000. My Ecuadorian crown cost me $200.00.

I would heartily recommend Find Health In Ecuador Clinic for dental work. I speak a little Spanish. The dentist spoke a little English…and the secretary speaks excellent English. Between us, we not only did the job, I think we all had a good time.

~ Rebecca Stonegarden, Minnesota, USA

Nicholas, please extend my many thanks to Dr. Andres Pacheco, for seeing me on such short notice the other day. Although I didn’t have any acute dental issues, it was important to establish a dentist, and get a check up and cleaning. I was so impressed by his thoroughness. Not only did he make my teeth sparkly clean, he checked the respiration from my nose to my mouth, applied pressure to my jaw in various spots to inquire about pain, and did a thorough exam for any unusual bumps or lump……how refreshing to have someone so concerned, who doesn’t limit his exam to a 15 minute time slot! I had mentioned to Dr. Pacheco, that I was concerned about my crowns, as some of them were very old, and it might be time to consider replacements …. yikes, I thought, I really opened that door. I waited patiently for him to walk through it, but no. After a complete exam he said, that yes, indeed my crowns were older, but there was no reason to replace them. A very honest and appreciated approach. I love the fact that I can walk into your offices and in less than hour, be on my way out, with a bill the size of my what my co-pay would have been in The States……and even more importantly, with the confidence that I am receiving care that exceeds my expectations and certainly the level of care I received back home. His English skills makes him a pleasure to converse with……… made only slightly more difficult while saying “awww” at the same time. 

~ Kimberly James, San Clemente, Manabi, ECUADOR

I want to thank Find Health in Ecuador, because I needed a Dentist. 

I now have a mouthful of her artistic effort at a fifth or less of what it would have cost in the states. None of this stateside dentist on roller skates working six clients at a time. I had her full attention when I was in the chair. But that’s part of the culture in Cuenca, Honesty and Personal Attention.

Find Health in Ecuador was always on call to answer any question I had. Their experience and willingness to do whatever was needed inspired me, in fact, next time I need Medical or Dental, I will call on Find Health in Ecuador.

I am a happy customer, for sure.

~ Glen Birbeck, Maine, USA​

I needed some work done on my teeth and approached FindHealthInEcuador to set me up with one of their dentists. Due to extreme sensitivity, I needed a gentle and caring dentist and I was not disappointed by the dentist selected for me. He was quick, sensitive and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend FindHealthInEcuador for your dental requirements!

~ Carol Babin, Mountain View California, USA

The dentist selected was efficient and extremely affordable. I would recommend Nick and FindHealthInEcuador if you are looking for good, low cost dental treatment in Ecuador.

~ Rick Smith, Calgary Alberta, CANADA


I was in need of getting my wisdom teeth extracted and Nick helped me find Dr. Orellana while I was visiting Cuenca. Dr. Orellana was very friendly and explained everything to me in English. The whole procedure took only half an hour and was very professional. Every bit as good as what you can get in the USA for a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend Nick and FindHealthInEcuador if you are looking for the best medical care in Ecuador.

~ Samuel Adams, St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA


I live here in Cuenca, Ecuador and I was in need of a Cardiologist for my arrhythmia and tachycardia. Nick immediately took concern to my condition and facilitated me to one of his organization’s finest heart doctors in Cuenca, who quickly lowered my heartbeat and prescribed the medicine I needed to get back to living the life I wanted to! Thank you FindHealthInEcuador.

~ Gordon Adams, Cuenca, Province of Azuay, Ecuador


A car hit me over 8 months ago and my memory as well as thinking abilities was distorted due to the accident. I suffered from tremendous anxiety as a result of my incident. Luckily, I stumbled across Nick and FindHealthInEcuador and they immediately put me under the care of a highly qualified neurologist, and now I am feeling so much more like myself since my new doctor prescribed me with the medications I needed and now I am significantly relieved of my former anxiety. Thank You Nick! and FindHealthInEcuador!

~ Ann McKeown, Eureka California, USA

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