Did you know?

Ecuador has 1600 species of birds, 18% of the world’s total.

It has 124 species of hummingbirds, 35% of the world’s total.

18% of its territory is in national parks and protected areas.

3 out of 10 hotspots of the world are found in Ecuador.

10% of the plants in the world are found in Ecuador.

Ecuador considered being a mega diverse country, is home to the largest tortoise, the smallest monkey, and other unexpected species such as, penguins, bears and flamingos.

Ecuador has been honored with 5 UNESCO world heritage sites.

Ecuador is home to over 15 different indigenous groups.

Ecuador is the number one active destination in the world. Although it’s the smallest Andean country, its mega diversity offers something special for everyone.

Within minutes, from any major city, you can enjoy one of Ecuador’s geographic areas: la Costa, los Andes or la Amazonia. Imagine biking along the exotic coast, trekking through the magnificent Andes along the Inca trail or enjoying the view on horseback. If you want more adventure, join an expedition into the mystical Amazon and let’s not forget the Galapagos which is a world on its own.

Southern Ecuador offers its own treasures. Cuenca, one of the 5 UNESCO heritage sites, is located in the Interandean valley. It is recognized by natives and foreigners as the most beautiful city in Ecuador offering a placid atmosphere of a small city. Cuenca contains a myriad of architecture which derives from the Pre Inca, Inca, Spanish and French influences.

North of Cuenca lies Ingapirca. Ruins originally built by the Cañaris (pre Inca) which later on where converted by the Incas into a temple for worshipping the sun. Surrounding Ingapirca to all directions we find remains of the most complex road system known as the Inca Trail. To the south of Cuenca lies Vilcabamba, the “valley of longevity”, situated in the province of Loja. This town is known for its natural beauty including the high mountains of Podocarpus National Park as well as the pleasant weather of this subtropical valley. These assets make this place as the best destination for active travel as well as relaxing at the top spa facilities available.

The geography of southern Ecuador creates an incredible environment for cultural encounters, archeology, active travel, health and wellness as well as offering nature’s extraordinary destinations such as El Cajas National Park, Podocarpus National Park , Churute Mangrove Ecological Reserve, and the Puyango Petrified Forest.

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