Ecuador & Galapagos from Michele Di Fede on Vimeo.

Your Galapagos vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  So why not do it your way?  Combine cruise boats, island-hopping, and diving, plus consider adding these exciting options:

2-3 day extensions to San Cristobal, SantaCruz, and Isabela islands

Horseback riding

Mountain biking


There are infinite possibilities of combinations–you only need to choose from them all!



Cruise Boats

There are a few key questions to ask yourself when choosing a cruise boat:

“How long do I plan to stay?”

Each island and visitor site has a highlight and differences in landscape, plant and animal life.  An 8 day cruise is ideal because you will complete a loop around the archipelago.  On a 5 day trip you only cover part of the Galapagos, either the northern or southern islands.  Four day trips are offered but not recommended.

“What do I want to see?”

Bear in mind that only the larger cruise ships or high category boats include visits to some of the remote islands such as Tower, Fernandina and the west coast of Isabela. Small and/or low category boats tend to remain near the central islands.

“What level of accommodation and service do I prefer?”

Many people don’t realize as you go up the categories (economy to luxury), all levels of service will improve as a whole.  As an example, you can’t ask for basic comfort but demand an excellent guide and itinerary, because they come together.



Island Hopping—a unique new way to explore the islands!

Island-based tours with flexible itineraries

Sleep in hotels and visit different sites by boat

Opportunity for immersion in local culture. The other advantage of this travel choice is the ability to enjoy optional activities such as diving, trekking, snorkelling, downhill mountain biking, sea kayaking, and even horseback riding!

Galapagos is a diver’s paradise!  Choose two different ways to experience this incredible underwater world.

Live Aboard yachts offer exceptional comfort and service, with exclusive access to Wolf & Darwin islands (home of the whale shark)