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Full Medical Coverage For Just $70 Per Month — New Health Care Option For Residents Is One More Reason To Think About Retiring To Ecuador by Kathleen Peddicord

According to Kathleen Peddicord, Ecuador’s national healthcare plan (IESS) has now removed age and pre-existing medical condition restrictions for those who want to join the system voluntarily, and voluntary membership is open to ALL Legal Expat Residents and/or Citizens of Ecuador, for just $70 per month as the monthly cost (i.e. a $70 monthly health insurance premium).

Furthermore, this new state sponsored healthcare system will provide medical coverage, including doctor visits with no co-pays or deductibles, dental care and free or discounted prescriptions.

In addition to healthcare, voluntary members of the system are also entitled to other Social Security system benefits, including low interest loans for home purchases, funeral expense assistance, and unemployment benefits.

Although joining the government program is not for everyone (like anything else in this life), it is a great option for those who might not otherwise be able to obtain low-cost health insurance or whose prior health insurance doesn’t cover them in foreign countries (because most plans don’t).  

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