Your thoughts on the best location for ...

by George Fryer
(Murrells Inlet, SC, USA)

We're looking for an area that has temperatures that generally run from 55 to 80. Moderate amount of rain for gardens and a good deal of sunshine.

I was in Cuenca in February for a couple of weeks and thought it was too cold, too cloudy, too noisy in the Colonial area ... but I loved the people and the architecture. People went out of their way to help and were very friendly.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


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Jun 23, 2012
Thank you, Miguel
by: Rose

Your post "ABOUT ECUADOR" was outstanding and very informative. - by: Miguel Vinueza

I will not have an opportunity to visit Ecuador till early 2013 and plan to stay 90 days. I would like to explore some of the small towns you mentioned and I enjoy starting the day with a brisk swim. Are there furnished 3 month rentals with a pool suitable for a widow?

If not, what about nearby separate facilities (gym, health club, hotel, etc.) where I could purchase a "club membership" with swimming pool rights?

I recognize society is geared to "couples", however, there appears to be a large number of singles that have relocated to Ecuador for retirement that I read?

Comments are appreciated.

Jun 23, 2012
by: Sandra

I'm surprised that no one has suggested Vilcabamba!

Just a few hours south of Cuenca, it's warmer, quieter and gentler but it's not as inexpensive nor do we have a lot of entertainment. The great weather is what I was looking for.

We are just in finishing a very nice house that will be for sale in the next month. On a very nice property with lots of room and a spectacular view of Mandango.

I think this is the prettiest place in the world and have no intention of living anywhere else!

Jun 21, 2012
by: Jenny

What about coastal towns that are not really big but have the necessities close by? Places to rent for long term? cost?

I will be relocating by the end of September.

Thank you for any information.

Mar 12, 2012
Looking for a warm and healthy place.
by: Mina Gifford


Cuenca is beutifull, but is cold sometimes. There is warmer places in Ecuador and out of the nosy downtown city.

One of those places is Tumbaco at abouth 20 minutes of Quito. The average temperature is 17 degres in the morning, 25 degrees at midday to 17 at night.

This town is not humed, people with artritis come to live here, because there is not humidity.

There is beautifull house here and the prices range from 180.000 to 240.000, but you will live in a mansion.

My husband is canadian and we live here for the last 18 years and are very happy.

If you need any help in anything, just let us know.

Mina and Gary Gifford

Feb 19, 2012
Around Cuenca
by: Anonymous

El Centro, or the center of town in Cuenca is not necessarily the best location unless you have a need to live "in" town. There are beautiful surround areas that are warmer and a short drive to Cuenca. A lot would depend on whether you are planning on having a car or not. The weather in general is beautiful in the mornings until around two in the afternoon when it more often than not will rain. Check out Susudel, Paute, or Tarqi, not far but a little warmer. Best of luck on your search.

Feb 09, 2012
by: Miguel Vinueza

I´m Ecuadorian, if you want to travel to Ecuador really want to help both of you, here some information about mi country:
Depends where do you like to live the weather is different, in cities in the coast or near the coast like: Guayaquil, Manta, Portoviejo, Montecristi, Machala or Esmeraldas, the temperature is between 71 to 87 fahrenheit in the dry season but in the wet season is between 77 to 94 fahrenheit. In the mountains the main cities are between 7500 to 9100 ft. and the weather is between 45 to 68 fahrenheit. In the Amazony and in the Galapagos Islands the weather is similar like coast but in the amazony you can feel humidity. In Ecuador there are two marked seasons the summer and winter, the summer starts in may to September mids October and the winter starts at mids October -November and ends in April, but normally in Ecuador you feel like a spring climate all year in the mornings and afternoons.
There are a lots of Malls and Supermarkets in the principals cities, good private health, bad public health. Depends where do you like to live the main cities are Quito ( Capital ), Guayaquil, Cuenca, Ambato, Loja, Ibarra, Machala, Portoviejo, Manta, nut if you prefer smallest towns there are many of them Alangasí, Valle de los Chillos, Mindo, Puerto Quito, Atacames, Montanita, Puerto Bolivar, Cotacachi, Atuntaqui , these towns are near the main cities (almost 1hour or 1/2hour ).
With an income of $800 to $1500 you can have a comfortable style of living, I will show you some costs:
Three rooms appt, good located is around $400 to $600 a month in a good building ( no more than 15 yrs ) A cheaper two rooms appt will cost you $250 to $400 a month, everything depends where is located the apartment and the city. There are luxury houses with pool, gardens, rooms service, laundry room, in the suburbs around $700 to $1500 a month.In fact I have two houses for rent fully furnished.
In a month you spent: electricity $10 to $25, water $5 to $15, phone: $8 to $25, high speed internet $25 to $50, depend the city and consumption, gas cylinder (15kg) $1, 50
Dental care is cheaper, for example: root c$50 to $160, doctor appointment $10 to $40, health insurance $30 to $130 a month (depends age, smoking non smoking).
Men hair cut: $2 to $10
Women hair cut, brushed and tint: $20 to $45
There are active volcanos and some earthquakes, like you know Ecuador is in the pacific coast like Los Angeles.
The local language is the Spanish but the natives talks quechua or quichua , the entertainment consists in traditions like, soccer, dancing, parties, local folklore, concerts, etc , there are all the outdoor sports you could imagin.
The currency is US Dollars.

Nov 05, 2011
CUENCA, you said it
by: Joaquin

Dear George, Cuenca is not only Cuenca. I am planning my retirement, this depends on each one´s desire, but FOR SURE I will not look for a room or house in the business area of a City.
I will recommend you to go to Yunguilla valley, close to Cuenca, nice spring like climate all year around, small town, nice place, nicest people...all you need.

Warm Regards,

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