Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning in Cuenca !

by Barry Truscott
(Auburn , Calif. USA)

August 15th, 2010

State of the art ultrasound teeth cleaning, in Cuenca , Ecuador? What?!

I just recently made a trip through Ecuador , and while visiting Dixie and John, I asked them about someone they had mentioned who is a dentist. I thought it was time to have my teeth cleaned (once /year), and I told my friends back in the USA that I was going to try it in Ecuador. They were anxiously awaiting my report back to them!

The experience was awesome!(well,you know ... for teeth cleaning!) I have had my teeth cleaned for years and it was all done manually with those little pointy tools, by which they scraped my teeth clean. I had never had my teeth cleaned by ultrasound.

My dentist in Cuenca was Francisco Heredia, brother of Juan Heredia who works with Dixie and John , and owns Terra Diversa Travel and Tours. Francisco is about 40 years old and very professional. He said that their entire family has been dentists for years....Dad , and uncles.

I met Francisco at his office in the Mount Sinai Hospital where all the medical buildings are down by the Tomebamba River. Gorgeous view of Cuenca and the mountains as I was seated in the dental chair. Franisco's assistant gathered all the necessary dental equipment to clean my teeth, and set them by Francisco. He asked me if I had ever had ultrasound cleaning , and I said "never!" "Never" , he asked? " You mean they pick at your teeth manually with the little pointy tools?" "Oh, well you will like this much better, and it is a more advanced way of cleaning teeth."

So I sat back and he proceeded to clean my teeth with a tool that was connected to a little hose constantly supplying water. The water is supplied to cool the tip of the ultrasound tool , as ultrasound heats up molecules very quickly. I researched all of this on Google to determine what actually went on. I cannot say that having your teeth cleaned is much fun , no matter how you do it, but this procedure took only 1/2 hour , and my teeth were much cleaner than manual scraping and picking. He said that the ultrasound gets everywhere between the teeth , just under the gums , and places little pointy tools can't get to!

When I left his office, after paying $55 , I had such clean teeth that I smiled at everyone I met! I was very impressed and I highly reccommend Francisco and the procedure .

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