Move to Ecuador - My story

by Larry

December 4, 2009

"I want to share a story for those who are considering a move to Ecuador.
We always hear about bad things, crooked Lawyers etc. So I want to show you the
Ecuador I have seen. I hope others will post similar things for those
considering the move.
I am a "country boy" who came from a poor family here in the US. When in High School I met my first "foreigner" when my wife became the first exchange student to our small rural Ga. school. We have been married now for 27 years and that is a story in its own.
Before going to Ecuador in 1982 to ask her father for her hand, I had never left Georgia, much less the States. I had never flown or even been to a major airport. But that’s another story.
We came back here and have lived our lives but I have made near annual trips to Quito since then. I have laughed and cried with my family there. Some weddings and some funerals.
But the story that says it all is this. As I said, I'm a country boy, so Quito
really never "sat well with me" (as us Red necks say). I bought some land far
away from the city in a small village north of Quito many years ago. I was, and
still am, the only "Gringo" in town.
We built a house there about 8 years ago and I let my neighbors farm the land. Been given a lot of crops when I go down for dinner and some that I had no idea what to do with!
My grasp of the language isn't that great so some of the "squash" is still don't know what is was!! After the construction was complete I went down one year and saw that the builder had neatly stacked all the wood used for framing over to the side. What we call here "construction debris".
At first I was a little mad that he had not cleaned up but he said “No! that’s worth a lot of money and you can sell it" Remember, especially in Ecuador, a lot of money is a very relative term! My plans were just to burn it and finish the clean up.
I needed a little work done at the house. A small window in my storage area needed a grate so I went in the village and found a guy who could do it for me. He was, as many of my neighbors are, "dirt poor" by many standards but he knew steel and had a small weld shop in his back yard.
When I went to pick him up later (he had no car) I noticed his wife and
small children in the back yard cooking over a fire the lunch for the day.
Chickens and laughing children running everywhere! Very common thing and really
makes one appreciate something as minor as an old Coleman camp stove. While he
was putting the final touches on the window I noticed he kept looking at the
wood pile so I asked him he wanted it. His eyes lit up and he said yes! I
offered to carry it down to his house but he said no, later he and his wife
would be by to get it.
Later they showed up with an old worn out wheel borrow and I told him that the truck would work much better so I finally convinced him to let me help and we drove it to his house.
The next day I get a knock at the gate and it’s his wife. She tells me thank you (again) for the wood. She says we do not have much but I want to repay you for the wood and help. I said you don't need to do that but she insisted. She held out her hand and wrapped neatly in old newspaper were two small fresh hen eggs. I nearly cried and even as I write this it still brings tears to my eyes!
In a country here (US) where sometimes a simple "Thank you" seems like hard work, this gesture was just too much for me. This is Ecuador. These are my people!
As you consider your move to this country remember we are guest. We are the "foreigners" and can learn a lot from these wonderful, kind, beautiful people. They have nothing but they have everything.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives. As my kids are grown and
we plan to move next year I look forward to the lessons about life and living
you continue to teach me. God bless you all! VIVA ECUADOR!"
It says what I feel about Ecuador. The "Thank You" at the end was for the people of Ecuador.

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Jun 04, 2012
Chicken Eggs story
by: Sarah

I love the chicken eggs story..quite unique and touched my soul! I'm looking forward to go back and retire in Ecuador soon. I miss everything from the "morocho" drink in the corner to the Ecuadorian delicious meals my grandmother used to cook for us. I miss the Ecuadorian people, where I felt safe. I just can't wait to go back!

Jul 18, 2011
Hope to move to Ecuador in about a year
by: Paulina

I'm planning to move back to Ecuador in about a year. I've lived in the States for 28 yrs. I'm originally from Ecuador and right now I'm visiting for a month. It's a little scary to think about the future for myself and my 5 yr old son and the move, because it is a big step but I know we can have a better future here as crazy as that may sound to some. I love the States, I got my Education there and have been blessed in many ways. But, I feel the need to come back for myself, for my son, his education. Maybe he may want to go back to go to College in the US but I think Elementary and High School Education here have much higher standarts.
Furthermore, in Ecuador, like Larry said people are sooo nice, my people. I miss that warmth of the people, my family, the beauty of the country. I'm just so ready to move back here.
I have 2 more weeks here before I go back to the States and I'm just dreading that day.
I can't wait until that day that I'm finally back and start a new life.
Good luck to all those who may be making that same move.
WELCOME to my Country!!

Mar 07, 2011
large family relocating
by: Joe

Hi. Thank you for the blog. Hoping and praying to find the words. What Larry described is exactly what my wife and I feel is missing here in the states. We've (in our opinion) become another 'babylon'. Our children as a whole are out of control and the families appear to be crumbling. We simply want peace for our family.

My wife and I have seven children from age 12-1. We can't afford to pay cash for a home but do bring in 2-4 thousand a month from our business. Can it be arranged to make a life for us on such a small amount of capital. We would need:

quality life

I noticed most people are retirees. We are far from it. Our family is our life and we love it. Please comment on what you think and HOW and what to plan for.

Thanks so much

Jan 10, 2011
2 little chicken eggs
by: Judy

Thank you so much for this touching and special story. Happy for you to be able to move to Ecuador soon.

We plan to move to Ecuador sometime in the next year. We have a dear Ecuadoran friend and his family who lives near Guayaquil. We plan to help him with his shrimp farm, as my fiance is a microbiologist and businessman. My spanish is very limited which is a fear but I will do my best to learn more.

We want to live in a small village with none of the gated communities where expats isolate themselves as if they think they are better. Maybe I will receive my own little chicken eggs someday!

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