Is Ecuador possible for me?

by Janet
(Ringgold, GA, USA)

November 30, 2012

I'm a 60 yr. old, single, female. I am on Social Security Disability of just over $1,000 per month. I'm interested in moving to Ecuador and would really appreciate it very much if someone (an expat preferably) could let me know if it is feasible for me to live down there on this income, close enough to a town that I can easily walk a few blocks or take a taxi to shopping (food & essentials). I would like to live in a safe area. Also, I don't need a fancy place (no pool) but it would have to be furnished and comfy. A 1 bedroom would work fine. I'd like to have cable and internet and a phone. Would it be possible for me to move down there and be able to afford to pay my monthly bills and still have enough to buy groceries for myself? I don't need alot, just want to be able to survive. Something that is getting harder and harder to do here in the USA. Thanks for any replies from those living in Ecuador that may be in a similar situation as myself or know enough to give me the real facts and possibilities of a future move. Thank you very much. Janet, from Georgia, USA

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Jun 06, 2013
by: Nancy

My husband and I retired to Cuenca Ecuador, and love it here. Whether you could do the same depends on your 'disability' and I would suggest confirming that you can collect your Disability income out of the country...I believe there are people here doing so, but not positive. I'd be happy to answer questions you might me at:

Apr 02, 2013
Hello Janet
by: leah

I am amazed on the comments, sounds like there are few people with similar ideas.

I need to sell my house before I move. Actually wanted to find some land to build on, so I can design my house off the grid and grow a garden.
I have built homes in the US but want to research other methods if needed.

May even plan a small intentional community of like minded people with their individual homes but sharing the land.
By the summer I hope to go there and research the possibility, the place and legal aspect.
My email is
Anyone interested send you info.
thanks, Leah in Virginia

Feb 14, 2013
Dreaming of Retirement
by: hoosierville

Love this page. I am 60 and would like to retire at 62. I have read that the health care in Equador is very reasonable but my qestion is: My pension does not come with any health insurand. Would I be able to afford health care. I understand they have a national health care plan. Are expats allowed to buy into it since Medicare won't kick in until I'm 65? Any help is appercieated.

Feb 10, 2013
Living on $1,000 per month
by: cemax

We are a retired couple living in Arizona. We have about $3,000 per month to live on and are wondering if that will be enough to live well in Ecuador. We will need to rent a furnished place and enjoy living fairly close to a beach.
Any help from expats living there now, would be of great help. You can contact me at
Thank you

Jan 17, 2013
your posting on the site
by: Anonymous

I am 64 years old and a Canadian living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My wife and I are very strongly considering a move to the Coastal area of Ecuador this year. We will be going south to look around as soon as we have cleared some time of our busy calendar. I have already checked out some stuff and I am in touch with a single lady who was a realtor in the USA for five years. She sent me a breakdown of her monthly expenses. I have no doubt that your $1000 a month Social Security income would be enough to live on but, heck, you will have no more left to do anything else but sit and look out of the window although, if you are living in the US right now, you know as well as I do that your income is not going far right now. My worry would be, can you continue to draw your social security out of the country. I would definitely check that one out first. If it's a god given right and you can, I would be packing up and going right away. Obama is slowly ruining your wonderful country and I know that because I own a home down there and visit often. We will sell it and buy something down there or build. Good luck Ana. As Nike says......Just Do It.

Jan 14, 2013
Hello everyone
by: Anonymous

I would like to correspond with "Is Ecuador possible for me?"
I also want to retire to Cuenca. But honestly I would be alone and I am a bit scared. It's a big decision to make.
Once I get there, I'm there. Because funds would not allow me to just visit and then go back. My big question is the elevation. I've heard that a lot of people get sick from the elevation. Could you tell me what the chances are I'd get sick. When I go on a plane I get an ear ache, which Dr. told me is sinuses. Other than that I do not get sick.
I'd like to know about "Is Ecuador possible for me". Please email me at I would love to correspond with you and other like you. To help me make this decision and also so someone is there when I get there. Thank you.

Jan 04, 2013
Hi Janet
by: Len Bowcott

I am retiring to Ecuador too, and I'm 60 too and though not on a pension I have budgeted $1000 a month, which I know from my trips there is enough to live in Cuenca and even Quito. That's depending on what your lifestyle is, of course. If your needs are simple and you are willing to cook most of your own meals a monthly budget of $1000 will be enough.

If you plan to rent you can find a nice small apartment or tourist apartment for under $500 a month in Quito, under $400 in Cuenca. I prefer tourist apartments, which are basically hotels with larger rooms or suites in colonial buildings. They are furnish, have made service and no added utilities to contend with. The place I say in Quito when I'm there is just $425 a month and is as good as a 3 star hotel in Canada or the USA.

Food isn't expensive if you stick to locally produced goods and steer clear of prepared meals. Pretty much the same as it is anywhere.

So, yes, on $1000 a month you you will not live lavishly, but you will be comfortable. To put the lifestyle into perspective, a Canadian friend of mine lives in Quito and has for decades. He has only US$1500 a month income, but with that he can afford a housekeeper. Of course he purchased his house long ago, back when the cost was just US$10,000. Now the same place would be $50K to $60K I suspect.

If you have any more questions my email address is

Jan 02, 2013
Is Equador Possible
by: Anonymous

Hi Janet,
I have been wondering the same thing for myself. I am a 62 year old female currently living in Boise, Idaho and would love to communicate with you about our shared dream. My email is I look forward to hearing from you.

Dec 29, 2012
Response to Ana
by: Ray

I know single persons here who do quite well on $1000 per month. The question you may need answered is, since you are only 60 years old and on social security disability, can you leave the United States and continue to draw your disability check. Since persons receiving disability are periodically checked, or can be, to continue receiving payments, the answer to that question, depending on your specific circumstances, could be important in your decision.

Dec 07, 2012
by: Deb

I am looking forward to retiring in Ecuador in a few years..also single 60years old..will spend a few months there until the final excited

Dec 07, 2012
Response to Question
by: ana

Greetings to you,

I am a 66 year old retired female. I only live on SSI and so far am doing fine. I pay $250 rent with utilities furnished. I have internet provided also at no charge. I walk everywhere or take an occasional taxi or bus. I expect to do fine,. Food is quite reasonable on the localSTREET markets and also the grocery store Coral. Many cultural events are free and currently international film festival is free. I amazed at all the free events - never a dull moment. Depending on your disability, you should do fine. Streets and sidewalks are sometimes challenging since they are of brick and stone, but you should not have any other problems as long as you ambulate ok. Best of luck to you. I wouldn't hesitate. You will probably be glad you did.

Ana best to you!

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