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Freedom from the USA!

Freedom from the USA!

April 25, 2011

Don't come here and blame anyone but yourself if something goes wrong.

In the state of Colorado, they have a huge contract for renting, leasing and purchasing property. Most states have these policies.

They have policies in the Czech Republic also and even in Hyde Park.

I screwed up but it was my fault. Not the crooked RE guy. Not his crooked attorney partner.

It was my fault. I trusted someone here that I would not trust in the states any more or less.

When gringos quit paying double for taxi rides, tips in the restaurants etc., things will settle down....but that wont happen will it?

Gringos want to let everyone they are a gringo and carry huge pockets of money. The don't realize or want to realize the customs of the country they visit. They don't take the time to learn a little of the language.

So quit complaining. Look back at the states. Was it more or less corrupt then here in EC? At least in here, if someone messes up they toss them from office...bye bye Heather!

Turn around and look back at where you came from. Look at the corruption in "pork", etc. Put that shoe on the other foot and walk in it before you bad mouth anyone in my new country.

We have it nice here. For now! Keep on tipping in the restaurants and look stupid. Pay $5 to ride to the city...I pay a max of $3 and I live up on the hill.

So, I'm not taking cheap about anyone. Just learn the customs and quit complaining. Just inform us!

Remember, it is your right to disclose and not to accept anything you in my new country or in the USA.

Robert Deming

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