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Please read these classifieds terms of use prior to posting a classified ad.

1. By posting a classified ad on you agree you have read and understood these terms of use and will adhere to them fully.

2. Please make sure you read the privacy policy and that you have understood it.

3. You agree you will post classified ads only for your own belongings and will never offer for sale, purchase or donation anything that does not belong exclusively to you.

4. You agree any text and images you provide to describe the items you are offering for sale, purchase or donation truthfully depict the actual current condition of the item announced in your ad.

5. Our expat classifieds section is a service we offer in order to help Ecuadorian expats to network. You agree does not represent nor endorse any product or service you offer online. You agree is not responsible in any way, without exception, if someone who purchases your items is not satisfied with them or their condition or wear.

6. reserves the right to post classified ads at our sole discretion. We will normally post your ad for 30 days, after which it may be deleted without prior notification to you. We reserve the right to remove your free classified(s) at any time for any reason.

7. You acknowledge and understand that while our website may receive many tens of thousands of unique visitors monthly, there are no guarantees your classified ad will be seen, read or responded to by anyone.

8. You agree that by providing your email address you are allowing us to send you an email alert each time someone responds to your classified ad through the attached "Comments" form. Providing your email address is optional, not required, and your email address will never be used for any other purpose other than to contact your regarding your ad, if necessary.

9. You agree any transaction that takes place between you and someone who responded to your ad is your sole and exclusive responsibility and will have no knowledge of any offline, or other communications that take place between you and your buyer other than what you publicly post through our website.

10. is advertiser supported. In keeping with the format of our web pages, we reserve the right to place advertisements on any and/or all of our website pages, although we do not guarantee we will do so.

11. You declare that you will not post any classified ads containing affiliate links, html coding, javascript or any other embedded coding within your classified ad.

12. You agree that does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, service or product represented on this site by you.

13. You agree to post classified ads to buy, sell or donate personal belongings only and to not use our free classified ads service to advertise your company or any other company or to sell or trade the products and/or services your company or any other company offers.

14. The authors of the classified ads on this site do not dispense medical, legal or professional advice, nor do they prescribe any treatment or strategy that should be tested without the advice of a professional. Information presented on this site is for informative, educational or entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your own actions should you use any information found on this site. shall not be held liable in any manner without exception for the use you or any other person may make of products or services offered by you or any other person through our free or paid classified ads section.

15. Illegal and/or Objectionable Material: This website is directed at both individuals and families; therefore we do not allow classified ads, articles, links or images on pornography, escort services, sex toys, violence, illegal subjects (such as movie downloads), potentially dangerous information, online gambling sites, or hate speech. reserves the right to reject any classified ad or article solely at our discretion without prior notification to you.


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