Unfolding Secrets - Symphony of the Heart Documentary by Ahsley Rogers

Cuenca is a city full of creativity especially in the cultural and theatrical sense.  Recently Cuenca appreciated the wonderfully talented Italian Musician Marco Missinato and the Soprano NYC vocalist Kristin Hoffman accompanied by the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra.  This was the premier of their new album "Unfolding Secrets".

Below is a short 15 minute documentary by Ashley Rogers who now resides in Cuenca.  Ashley is an independent television producer and a three-time award-winning documentary film writer and director. Her most recent film was shot in the Sahara Desert with the indigenous Tuareg Tribe and Sufi Ambassadors of Peace, and premiered at the United Nations in 2011. She has also worked as field director, writer, segment producer, and researcher for numerous network and cable news, magazine, talk and lifestyle shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and HBO. Additionally, Ashley worked as a public relations and advertising executive in New York City and Los Angeles for accounts that included Sharp Electronics, Swatch, Planters LifeSavers, and Eastman Kodak.

Please take a moment to enjoy the beautiful sounds of "Unfolding Secrets" which premiered in Cuenca in July, 2013.

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