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January 08, 2014

Is Sir Elton John coming to Ecuador?

This week several articles reported that Sir Elton John will be coming to Quito with his “Rocket Man - Greatest Hits Live Tour” and one even said that this was to be on the 15th of February. One publication did say that this yet has to be confirmed. Around the same time last year Sir Elton John was to appear at a concert in Quito but cancelled. It makes me wonder if this time he is really coming to Ecuador.

So I went and checked out the official Elton John website. I can’t see anything about doing EJ doing a concert in Quito on the 15th although looking at the tour dates this could be achievable if he as it would fit in between a tour in Canada and Brazil.

I was hoping to get answer for you and so I sent an email to the official EJ website, asking if anyone could confirm if EJ is making a trip to Quito, Ecuador in February of this year. As at the time of sending this newsletter I still have not had a response but will keep you posted. In the meantime if he does come to Quito the event will take place in Arena San Francisco which holds up to 7,000 fans. You can also keep up to date with updates to this event HERE.

Ecuador No 2 best place to retire to in 2014

According to International Living’s 2014 Annual Global Retirement Index, Ecuador is the number to place to retire to after Panama. So how do they score which country is going to make the top ten list of best places to retire. Well their score is based on these categories:

Real Estate

Special Benefits

Cost of Living

Ease of Integration

Entertainment and Amenities

Health Care

Retirement Infrastructure


Want to find out how Ecuador scored compared to the other 24 countries in their list – Read More

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