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Ecuador News
December 07, 2013

Cuenca Doctor

Ecuador has long been known as one of the world's top retirement havens, offering a high quality of life at an affordable price.

With health care costs rising astronomically in the United States and with U.S. citizens experiencing increasing dissatisfaction with quality of care, Cuenca offers top-rated health care facilities that meet or exceed U.S. standards. Most medical procedures are typically available at one-tenth the cost in the United States, and its doctors are highly trained, often receiving their training in the United States. Unlike the U.S., however, doctors in Cuenca do not practice an "assembly line production" of medical care. Doctors provide personalized care and attention while even making house calls when necessary.

According to several studies, medicines are another bargain in Ecuador, in some cases costing less than 10% of U.S. equivalents. As an example, asthma inhalers that cost from $85 to $250 in the U.S. can be purchased over the counter in Ecuador for $15 to $35. Commonly prescribed heart medications in Ecuador average between 15% to 20% of U.S. prices.

Find Health in Ecuador is a personalized medical tourism business located in Cuenca, Ecuador. They are devoted to improving your quality of life by assisting you through every step of your chosen medical procedure and your stay here in Cuenca. They focus on affordability and quality of care with optimal results, while providing a customized experience tailored to your personal needs and goals.

According to American citizens living in Cuenca, Ecuador, one can expect to pay just 7-15% of what they would pay in the U.S. for medical treatments. A heart bypass that would cost $130,000 in the U.S. will cost closer to $11,000 in Cuenca, and a hip replacement priced in the U.S. from $43,000 to $51,000 will cost only around $8,000.

For further informaton Contact Cuenca Doctor if you have a query.

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Cuenca Residency Attorney

Ecuador expert Legal Advisers and Accountants who speak English

If you are considering relocating you will require an Attorney to process all the paperwork that goes with it. It is highly recommended that if you are not fluent in Spanish that you contact this team to help you through what could otherwise be a very stressful experience. Read more about this team at Ecuador Visas and Containers.

Spanish Immersion Homestay with Lorell Stewart

For a wonderful experience in Cuenca, Ecuador at an exceptionally affordable price, we are happy to recommend Lorell Stewart and her Spanish Immersion Homestay program.

Read more about the Spanish Immersion Homestay for prices and bookings and also to contact Lorell for further details.

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