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Bienvenido / Welcome to Retire in Ecuador. You have obviously come to the site because you are researching what is so great about relocating to Ecuador. Hopefully some of your questions can be answered as we have put a lot of work into the site to bring to you as much information as possible. So sit back relax and enjoy the journey. 

Retire in Ecuador remains to be  one of the most viewed websites for retirees thinking of relocating to Ecuador and was first founded in 2008. 

Ecuador has become increasingly popular with young singles, going solo, and there is also seeing an increasingly large number of families with school aged children making the move. 

But Where is Ecuador?

Ecuador is located in South America and is bordered by Columbia and Peru.  The equator passes through the city of Quito

Ecuador Facts

  • Population: About 15.49 million
  • Climate:  Ecuador is known for its micro climates, learn more here.
  • Major airports with U.S. flights: Quito, Cuenca and Guayaquil. Complete list of airports in Ecuador.
  • Nearest U.S. consulate: Quito and Guayaquil

Ecuador still remains in the top ten best places to retire to.  After being the number one spot to retire to for several years Ecuador has slipped into second place after Panama by a whisker.

Cuenca remains to be a  place for retirees to relocate to with having over 4.000 expats.  But besides Cuenca, more people are also relocating to other beautiful areas of Ecuador.  

The best part of checking out this beautiful but small diverse country is that you have a choice of where you may like to live, from the mountains to the coast or you may like a more tropical location.

Whatever your final choice make sure you do take the time to research and spend time experiencing the country first hand.  It may not always be what you want it to be and for some it is quite a "Culture Shock" which they may not be prepared for.

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Table of Contents

About Ecuador
Ecuador Information
Ecuador Information - loads of great information
Ecuador Crash Course - 10 day tour through Ecuador
Ecuador Crash Course - Join Jonathan and Sarah on this wonderful 10 day tour through Ecuador.
Ecuador News
Ecuador News - This page is loaded with Ecuador news widgets which produce updated news items
Ecuador Residency
Cuenca AlternativeMedicine
Cuenca Ecuador
Cuenca Ecuador still named the number one retirement haven in the world. Find out Why?
Cuenca Accountant
Cuenca Accountan - English speaking accountant for all your bookkeeping needs
Cuenca Residency Attorney
Cuenca Residency Attorney - Sara Chaca Residency Attorney in Cuenca
Cuenca Containers
Cuenca Containers - For all your relocation needs.
Dentist in Cuenca
Dentist in Cuenca - I needed some work done on my teeth and approached FindHealthInEcuador to set me up with one of their dentists.
Doctors in Cuenca
Doctors in Cuenca. Find out about healthcare in Ecuador.
Cuenca Restaurants
Cuenca restaurants - there are many wonderful restaurants in Cuenca, Ecuador
Cuenca Graffiti
Cuenca Graffiti Blossoms
Healthcare in Ecuador
Healthcare in Ecuador - What sort of health insurance does Ecuador have?
Cuenca Spanish Club
Cuenca Spanish Club. Relax and learn how to communicate quickly & effectively in Spanish
Cuenca Immigration Lawyerd
Cuenca Lawyer - English speaking team in Cuenca, Ecuador that can help you relocate.
Cuenca Medical Tourism
Cuenca Medical Tourism - Find Health in Ecuador is a personalized medical tourism business located in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Cuenca Properties
Cuenca Properties - Thinking of relocating to Cuenca Ecuador then check out these properties.
Cuenca Real Estate
Cuenca Real Estate - English speaking team ready to assist you.
Cuenca Rentals
Cuenca Rentals - several apartments for rent in Cuenca
Cuenca Discovery Tour
Cuenca 3 day discovery tour $7.99
Yanapuma Spanish School in Cuenca
Yanapuma Spanish School in Cuenca is situated in the heart of this historic colonial Andean city only two blocks from the Parque Calderón and the Catedrál.
Cuenca Visas
Cuenca Visas - for all your relocation needs.
Retire in Cuenca
Retire in Cuenca - Lots of great information about relocation to Cuenca, Ecuador
Tours Through Ecuador
Tours through Ecuador. Discover this wonderful bio-diverse country with great tour guides
Experience Ecuador with Ecuador Expat Journeys
Ecuador Crash Course - Ten day tour through Ecuador. If you would like more information on the tour dates and pricing
Cotacachi An up and coming expat destination
Galapagos Islands Ecuador
Galapagos Islands - Your Galapagos vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Guayaquil - Tourist Attractions in Guayaquil, Ecuador by Gracy Sonia Martin
Inca Ruins Cuenca
Inca Ruins Cuenca - This is a wonderful tour of the Inca Ruins outside of Cuenca
Montanita - this is the coolest surfing town along the beach of Ecuador
Latacunga - Mama Negra
Latacunga - Mama Negra Pageant
Loja Ecuador - Hidden Gem
Loja Ecuador, Hidden gem of Ecuador
Manabi Ecuador
Manabi Ecuador - Facts about Manabi include a number of things which are necessary for the tourists coming to the province in Ecuador. Manabi
Otavalo Artisan Market
Otavalo Artisan Market - Every Saturday local indigenous flock to Otavalo to sell their wares ranging from foods, art and many great accessories.
Quito the soul of the World
Quito the soul of the world. Expat journeys in Ecuador
Salinas, Ecuador not for everyone.
Salinas, Ecuador is not for everyone.
Vilcabamba Ecuador
High in the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains, less than 50 miles from the Peruvian border, lies the elevated valley of Vilcabamba Ecuador
Disabled Travelling in Ecuador
Disabled Travelling in Ecuador - Because of our special needs situation, we decided we would be best off living near a modern city.
Airports in Ecuador
Airports in Ecuador
Birds of Ecuador
The Birds of Ecuador comprehensively treats the nearly 1600 species of birds that can be found in mainland Ecuador.
Retire in Ecuador
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Ecuador Frequently Asked Questions
Ecuador Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Expats.
Food Costs in Ecuador
Food costs in Ecuador can range from much less to, in some cases, slightly more than their U.S. equivalent.
Ecuador Climate: A Guide to Ecuador’s Four Micro Climate Zones
Ecuador Climate: A Guide to Ecuador’s Four Micro Climate Zones
Expat Classifieds in Ecuador
Expat Classifies in Ecuador. A free submission for personal classified ads.
Ecuador Expat Personals
Ecuador Expat Personals for those retiring in Ecuador
Expat stories in Ecuador
Expat stories in Ecuador. Read what others have to say about relocating to Ecuador
Senior Volunteers Ecuador
Senior Volunteers in Ecuador. Seniors can also become volunteers in Ecuador.
Latest News from Ecuador - Whats happening in Ecuador
Move to Ecuador
Move to Ecuador - An expats personal experience about relocating to Ecuador
Pet Relocation Ecuador
Pet Relocation Ecuador - Pets too need a passport of a kind to enter Ecuador
Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish before you retire in Ecuador
Living Abroad: 5 Common Mental Mistakes Expats Mak
Living Abroad: If you’re considering living abroad, then I’m sure you’ve heard this story.
Ecuador Apps
Ecuador Apps - Mobile Apps for travel through Ecuador
Shopping in Ecuador
Shopping in Ecuador - If you know where to go you can find anything you want in Ecuador.
Advertise with Retire in Ecuador
Advertise with Retire in Ecuador
Site Map Retire in Ecuador
Site Map for Retire in Ecuador
Youtube Videos of Ecuador
Youtube Videos of Ecuador
All You Need is Ecuador
All you need is Ecuador - All you need is love.
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