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 Cool ad for Ecuadorian products – Que Chevere 

Whether you like it or not at some point you will probably need to do some shopping in Ecuador.  Many of the artisan markets are great when you are looking for that special gift to take home to family and friends, or just for yourself.

If you are considering moving to Cuenca you will mostly find everything that you are looking for at various outlets.  However, Quito and Guayaquil most certainly provide a larger selection of shopping malls and a wider variety of items which you may not see in Cuenca.  Both these larger cities have a huge MegaMaxi  which is a bit like Walmart which has everything in it from clothes, homewares and groceries.

A good way to become immersed with life in Cuenca is to experience a home stay while learning Spanish.  Read More

This page will regularly be updated with many places that you can check out while in Ecuador.


Sukasa Cuenca




Coral Hipermecado






Sukasa – high price end of homewares.

Pycca – cheaper prices


Hardware and Homewares



Markets in Ecuador

Organic Food in Ecuador 

Buying fruit and vegetables from the markets.

Food Costs in Ecuador