Perfectly English Speaking Taxi Driver, Patrick Fernandez (previously a Taxi and Limousine Driver from New Jersey!), will pick up You, Your Family or Your Travel Group, RIGHT INSIDE the Arrivals Terminal of “Guayaquil International Airport”, holding a White Sign with Your Name clearly printed on it, and safely as well as comfortably drive You, Your Family or your Travel Group to anywhere in Cuenca in his professional taxi Mercedes Mini-Bus.

The Price is ONLY $140 for the 3 HOUR RIDE from Guayaquil to Cuenca, NO MATTER HOW MANY ARE IN YOUR TRAVEL PARTY (i.e. 1, 5 or 10 persons is still just a $140 TOTAL PRICE!), plus there is much abundance of extra space for any large number of suitcases that You, Your Family or Your Travel Party might have on Arrival to Guayaquil International Airport.  Finally, if you have any Cats or Dogs with you, they are HAPPILY permitted to ride in the Mercedes Mini-Bus too, and there is No Extra Charge for them (“Woof-Woof” – “Meow-Meow”)!

Simply complete the following “Airport Taxi-Pickup” Inquiry Form or just call Patrick Fernandez from your home country at +593 98.489.6472 or from here in Ecuador at 098.489.6472 


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