Tips on renting in Cuenca

Renting an apartment in Cuenca

Renting an apartment in Cuenca is easy if you know what you are doing and can speak fluent Spanish. But if you can’t speak the language, then you need to be taken by the hand by a bilingual service. There are some wonderful apartments either furnished or unfurnished available in this beautiful city.

 There are not that many houses with gardens available for rent, and generally if there are, they are usually taken very quickly. Houses generally require a long term rental.

Small one bedroom fully furnished apartments are available for short term rentals. The larger apartments that are furnished sometimes require a longer stay with maybe a minimum of a few months.

Many of the larger unfurnished apartments are long term rentals and they generally like to be rented for a minimum of 6 months. One thing you must remember about renting, or even buying properties here, is that most of them do not come with a stove, cook top or refrigerator. The majority of unfurnished apartments certainly do not supply these appliances. Furnished apartments generally do.

Usually when being taken out with a Realtor there is a property showing fee of approximately $15 per hour. Now before I hear you say “What on earth for” well, unless you can speak fluent Spanish and have your own car so that you can drive around, and know where you are going, then you will require someone to take you through the process. You are paying for the time and services that they will give you plus the usage of their car and the arrangement to meet owners of the rentals.

Imagine being in a new country, not knowing the language,and not knowing the areas etc. This can all become very daunting. But It does not have to be like this at all.

But you can rent a beautiful unfurnished apartment for about $350-$400 per month. This does not include utilities such as water, gas, electricity, internet or cable TV. Then there are also monthly apartment fees which the tenant is required to pay. This can range from $40 to $60 or more dollars a month and depends on the area and the building that you are moving into.

Consider at Homestay

If you are thinking of spending a couple of weeks in Cuenca just to have a look around you may want to consider some of the Spanish Homestays available.  Not only do you get a chance to learn the language but you also have someone that can help you experience the city.

Spanish Immersion Homestay with expat and Spanish teacher Lorell Stewart

Yanapuma Spanish School and Homestay

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