by Steve Wolfe

Can a United States trained, born, and licensed physician (dermatologist) practice part time in Ecuador. I'm already expecting that this will not be an easy answer to get! I could become the dermatologist to the EXPATS!

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Mar 11, 2012
by: RIE

Hi Steve, You can probably go through the procedures of seeking out a Dermatologist and work with them. As for working for the expats!! I am sure you can although there are very good Dermatologists in Ecuador and you would probably need to keep your prices down. Ecuadorians love foreigners but they are not happy to have their jobs taken from them. Also there are rules and regulations in regards to working in Ecuador if you have your own business. I believe they are now becoming tougher with more foreigners coming to the country. It seems unfair that the Ecuadorians pay taxes and then foreigners can come and set up a business without paying taxes.

Your probably best to make an exploratory tour and speak to some medical people.

Hope this has helped.


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