by Maureen Sayre
(Vilcabamba Area, Ecuador)


My name is Maureen & my husband, Ray, & I have settled in the Loja Province...We've been here almost 4 years, own our home & property, & have a stable income. We have a small house & an acre of fenced & gated land. Ray & I are animal lovers! We have 2 adult cats, plus we have an adorable, playful 2 & 1/2 year old, neutered-male, Australian Shepherd. We are seeking a puppy or dog as a companion for our Aussie as he is bored. We are not really looking for a pure bred, just a smart dog with good instincts. Our Aussie loves nothing more than to herd so his new canine friend would be well protected. All animals live in the house with a dog door. And we have one more spot on our queen sized bed for another dog.

Please, if you have a candidate or know of someone who does, please contact us via email:

Many Thanks,

Maureen Sayre

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