Retired Bachelor, Non Smoker, Non Drinker Seeks Apartment Lease In Cuenca or Quito

by Len Bowcott
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

4th January,2013

I intend to relocate permanently to Ecuador. However, first I want to lease or rent an apartment or tourist hotel accommodation with a kitchen to use as a base to work from while I find permanent accommodations. Long term accommodation arrangements would be preferred, up to a year, rather than month to month but I will consider all proposals.

I'm a non smoker and non drinker, but I do like the night life so I would prefer to be closer to the city centre if not within the city itself.

My needs are few, other than I must have access to high speed Internet. Furnished accommodation is preferred, but if the right opportunity were available I'd be more than willing to purchase what I need in the way of furnishings.

I drive but most likely I'll not have a car during this first exploratory visit. I find I need a rental I'll pick one up and drop it off as needed, so parking availability isn't an issue.

Please contact me via email: len -DOT- bowcott -At- gmail -DOT- com and we can exchange telephone numbers.

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