Residency Attorney EcuadorThe information below was supplied by Dra Gabriela Espinosa on 4th May, 2012

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  • To qualify for a pensioner’s visa your income has to be minimum $800 per month and an additional $100 per dependent in this case your wife, husband or child.
  • Your income needs to be legalized by any Ecuadorian Consulate in the USA.
  • 3 passport photos
  • Color copy of the passport (a few other forms with basic information to be completed at time of application)
  • Marriage certificate legalized at Ecuadorian Consulate or apostilled by state where your marriage was celebrated
  • 5 year Police Record legalized at Ecuadorian Consulate or apostilled by state where you obtained your police record
  • You will need 45 days on your temporary visa to apply for residency.
  • From the date of application, the visa process will take approximately 45 working days. The government fee for this visa is $350 each
  • * No birth certificate required

The above has been supplied by Dra Gabriela Espinosa.

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