by Raul Yanez
(Quito- Ecuador)

1st February, 2013
My question is :I used to live in Vacaville, California.
due to some unexpected circumstances, I decided to move back to Ecuador.
Now this is the thing I have a bank account in California but I do not live there anymore as I retired and moved here to Quito.
For me or anyone is it necessary to live in the USA in order to have a bank account ?
Can I still keep my bank account in the USA even though I don;t live there anymore?
Better still Do I have to change my old USA address for my ecuadorian address?
Like to hear from someone that is going through the same way especially those people that have retired and live here in Ecuador.
The reason is because I retired myself and if I change my address to an ecuadorian one, I am afraid they may close my account and as a collateral damage my retirement check will not make it to my account in the USA and that would be detrimental for me as I do not know anyone there that can facilitate me with an address, besides I would be laying to the bank if there are any legal issues,
Please help with any info that you readers my have experience with it.
Thank you guys in advance
PS you can email me to

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