Pets at the Hospital

by Joyce Barton
(Southborough, MA, USA)

20th June,2013
On our second visit to Ecuador my husband became ill. We had heard that the medical care was outstanding. We set off to hospital to have him evaluated. We entered the hospital and in our broken Spanish explained our situation. We were directed to the lower level emergency room area. The helpful administrator evaluated what was going on and directed us to have a seat in the examining room. After a short wait a well dressed physician entered and began to examine my husband. After a short time I heard shrieks and screams from the nurses out in the hallway. I thought this seemed a bit unprofessional. Then I heard my husband say to the doctor "I see you keep pets here". The physician laughed and said it very unusual what was happening. Clueless I waited for the diagnosis. My husband was prescribed antibiotics. We paid the doctor $35 that he deposited in his pocket and we were on our way. As we left I said to my husband didn't he think it was very bad for the staff to be screaming and carrying on and by the way what was that you said to the doctor about pets? "Well honey, there was a big rat in the exam room didn't you see it". My husband recovered in a few days and we resumed our exquisite adventure in Ecuador.

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