9-1 Pensioner Visa Requirements

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The information below has been provided by the Ministery of Relations in Ecuador as at the 23rd April, 2013.  Please note that these could change and it would be in your best interest to consult with your embassy.

  • Written request signed by the applicant or the legal representative as applicable, to the responsible officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration serving in the place of residence of the foreigner or in his absence, the nearest place.
  •  Visa Application Form with original passport size photo with white background color, the same as published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration.
  • Color Notarized copy of the valid passport for identification sheet At least six months.
  • Color Notarized copy of the passport identification sheet to justify Their stay in the country at the beginning of the process.
  • Updated criminal record certificate issued in the foreign country or the country where I've lived for the last five years, duly apostilled or legalized at the Consulate of Ecuador in the country Granting it.
  • Updated Migratory Movement Certificate issued by the immigration Authorities of Ecuador.
  • In the case of a refugee, must submit a notarized copy of refugee card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration in This Way justify his stay in the country regularly.
  • Document issued by the institution or Provides That Pays retirement, board or permanent income coming from abroad, duly certified at the country of origin or authenticated by the Consul of Ecuador in that place. The amount Should be not less than $ 800 (eight hundred dollars) of the United States of America as monthly rent to the owner, and will Increase by $ 100 (one hundred dollars) of U.S. Extra per month for each family member That is a depend any of the immigrant.
  •  Certificate issued and authenticated by the Ecuadorian Foreign Service Officer in the country of origin, Determining the perception of Such retirement, board or permanent income.
  •  Any document in a foreign language must be translated and Have the recognition of translator's signature before a notary public. When the translation has been done abroad, must be apostilled or legalized by a consulate of Ecuador in the country of origin, the translation May Also eat to the Consulate of the country of origin in Ecuador. The translator May not be a stakeholder in the process.



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