New to Ecuador- and it is a dream life!

by Marian

My husband and I are from Phoenix AZ and have been here since June 13. We are residents of Ecuador, have our cedulas and at least that whole process-which in our case took 7 months, is behind us.
We are settling in Quito, since the weather is as close to being a paradise as can be, that was a very important thing for us. In Phoenix we had very busy lives, so the slowed pace of life is pure joy for both of us. This is a beginning of life "on our terms" and we want to start doing things that we love and did not have time for back home.
For my husband it is fly fishing. He is looking for partners/buddies who are interested in it too, so they can go to fishing streams and lakes and fish to their hearts' delight. I, in the meantime, would be walking and exploring the nearby town, having lunch, look at points of interest and interact with the expats or the locals. Would you please email me with your information and let me know if you are familiar with what area have good fishing opportunities and maybe it is a group of you that go together and fish. We look forward to some replies. Thank you! my email is
Marian and Joe, Quito.

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"Quito, Cotacachi, The Coast & Cuenca in 10 Days"