Mr. Ralph Sobers

20th May, 2012

Hi , my name is Ralph Sobers , and I'm currently waiting for my resident visa here in Quito , but we would like to relocate a.s.a.p ( within a couple of weeks ) to the City of Cuenca , the thing is that we just don't like being here in the To Large & dealing with this nightmare of the daily traffic jams , and the terrifying way of driving by the drivers in general. I have my investment Visa already togeter with my Censo + RUC Nr: we're alowed to open a Grocery store . I have a small reserve capital of $ 18.000,- dollars , and would like to invest this money as wisely & secure as posible , so that we could generate the minimum monthly income of more or less about between $ 1800 - $ 2200,- ( monthly for 100% ). If there's anyone who's for a 100% trustfull en sincere in helping me setting up a very good , secure & proftable businness in Cuenca . I'll be more then happy , to come down there in a couple of weeks with my wife & Son of eight , we need a good bi-lingual school for him , and we,also need a nice 2 br +1 bth appt. for rent or a nice small house for rent , not far from Cuenca, with good public transportation , it could be semi furnidge or empty , we've our furnitures already and , the maximum rental price of $ 450,- p /mth.

Again we were planning in openeing a grocery store , who has good ideas are welcome , perhaps a joint venture , or at least if it is a super save & secure business , that could give us the minimum monthly revenue income of that sort mentioned above , are more then welcome. My e-mail address : .

we wish to thank anyone who has a wonderful & great idea for starting a secure & save business in cuenca , and would not mind in helping us to settle down in that lovely City with his friendly polulation . Looking forward to any honest & trustfull sugestions , We Remain , Ralph & Annabelle Sobers.

The thing is , that in waiting for our Resident Visa ( 60 days more to go ) we would like to start a business in cuenca , so that we can start generate some imporatnt income. In our SRI Document it is stated that we're alowed to open a Grocery Store , so therefore I can use my RUC NR: for that type / kind of business , Minimarket / Grocery store kind of thing , perhaps a Grocery store who's specialized in the selling of only Oragnic , & healthy goods vital to Foreigners !!!

21st May 2012

Hi Ralph sounds like quite an adventure. May I suggest that you contact Juan through this link He and his wife will be able to find you a rental to suit but also have connections throughout the city of Cuenca and may be able to help you with your investment. Juan H is a very well respected citizen in Cuenca and has helped many of our subscribers. Take care and best of luck in your endeavors. Saludos RIE

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