I'm Interested In Moving To The Coast Of Ecuador

by Richard Newq
(Florida, USA)

Does anyone have advice on living in Salinas or other beach towns?

1. What is security like travelling around the coastal area?
2. What are rentals like in the range of $500/month or less?
3. Is there GOOD internet?
4. Are there many American ex-patriots living there?
5. I would like to make contact with people who own and rent houses. I would also like to contact any groups of ex-patriots from other countries.

I have lived in Latin America in the distant past (Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil) but still speak semi-good Spanish right now. I would expect to improve it greatly living there, of course.

I really love Latin America, would like to come there and retire on less than $1,500/month. Also, I would like to get involved with marketing Ecuadorian goods to the US as a side business.

I welcome any comments, ideas or suggestions. I would like to contact directly property owners that rent their properties for $500/month or less.

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