I used to live in Ecuador

by Luis
(New Jersey "USA")

31st March, 2013
Hello or Hola. Twenty years ego I head south and ended up in the beautiful city of Quito; surround by beautiful mountains and some of them cover with snow which from the airport you will be able to see two of them and if you are in the bus by the plaza de toros in a early clear morning just above the stop sign if you are in the second floor of the bus you will be able to see the chimborazo, and I did it I saw it and wow what a view. I established my self in the old Quito which makes me feels like I was in the times of conquistadores, little hotels, and houses with small restaurants cooking real food, the aromas traveling in between the short streets cover with stones that leads to the plaza, listening to all sounds from the bells from the church to the sales pitch of the woman selling fruits in the plaza. If you turn around and look up you will see a huge religious figure that I beg you to pardon me but I don't remember the name, and you can walk to the top and the view is incredible from there. I found a room in a little hotel and decided to take a shower and what the called hot water was cold for me lol lol, finally got brave and took a shower, then went out to the hotel lobby to eat something, I have seco de chivo with carrots and rice, just delicious with a local beer; Ecuador has some of the best beer in the world and I was ready to really enjoy my self....sweet very sweet memories and the Ecuatorian's warm to others, very polite. While I was there I couldn't miss going to the middle of the world, and got my little certificate that proves that I was in the middle of the World. The next day was big for me since I adventure my self to avenida Amazonas, I can't believe my hears, I think I count at least a docen different languages and people from all over the world; got a table in a nice kind of bar seating out site and enjoying the warm breeze that was coming from the park, and off course a nice cup of coffee, I felt like I was in Europe back them I never had being in Europe but it was like in the movies with the difference that I was speaking my native language Spanish. I did have the chance to visit other cities like Guayaquil, and Salinas on the coast, and even do was very different from Quito people seems to be very warm, I stay there for a while and even got a girlfriend yes a very cute student from one of the local universities. I spend a few months there, and finally left the country. Now I live very far from it, but I am traveling again very soon and this time I will stay a lot longer if I could. I would like to extend my gratitude to all and specially to you for this incredible blog, when am ready to travel I will contact you for sure.

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