Crossing Borders Between Ecuador and Peru
by Hortense Soulier

As you travel across South America, exploring this beautiful, diverse and culturally rich continent, you will probably have to cross a certain number of borders between your various destinations. If you are traveling by land, here are some tips to crossing the border between Peru and Ecuador, to help you plan your South American vacation.The most common route overland to Peru is via Machala, a pleasant if not charming city, capital of the province El Oro, and the center of banana production and exporting in Ecuador. Although this is not the most beautiful city in Ecuador, it is a good stopping point on your way to Peru. From here, you can easily catch a bus to Huaquillas, the Ecuadorian border town, which has become a commercial center and a shopping arcade for Peruvians who massively cross the border every weekend to take advantage of the lower prices offered by their neighbors.The border between Peru and Ecuador runs along the Rio Zarumilla and is crossed by the international bridge at the end of the Avenida Republica in Huaquillas. It's only a short walk to the bus terminal, located just off the main street. The Ecuadorian check point, located about 3 km north of town, is open 24h and you should plan on 1 to 2 hours to complete the formalities, although this can be much quicker. To cross to Peru, just walk along Huaquillas' main street and cross the bridge.On the Peruvian side, the immigration and customs complex, also open 24h, is located just outside Zarumilla, about 3km past the international bridge. The first border town is Aguas Verde, where you will find all the basic facilities including a hostel and a travel agency. The closest town from where you can continue on into Peru is Tumbes, which can be reached with colectivos (found near the bridge), minibuses, and mototaxis.The Huaquillas-Tumbes crossing, although relatively easy, can be pretty wearing, especially when it is very hot and crowded. There are some more relaxed crossing alternatives a little further along the border such as Maraca, or even more out of the way in Zumba and Loja, for those who have time to spare.

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