by Steve
(Fairbanks, Alaska U.S.)

28th May, 2012

My wife and I crave the sun since we have been living in Alaska for the last decade. I hear the coast is overcast most of the year---is that true? Moreover, how much sun does Cuenca or the greater Andes's area receive?



29th May,2012

Hola Steve,

Who can really predict the weather these days? In Cuenca the sun can be shining in the morning, be overcast by mid morning, then maybe a hail storm can come through and then return back to a sunny afternoon. It is very hard to tell. The coastal areas do have a lot more sunshine but have a season called "The Garua". This is from around June to October where the weather is quite overcast and drizzly. But that is not on the whole of the coast.
Vilcabamba and Cotacachi also have very sunny weather.

In Cuenca even the weather is very mild and you can have weeks of beautiful sunshine. It is very hard to predict like many parts of the world these days.

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