Cheap Living in Ecuador 
by Gary Pierce

There is cheap living in Ecuador, a place most have probably not considered for retirement.Ecuador is one of, if not the cheapest place to retire in the Americas. It has much to offer American and Canadian retirees besides being inexpensive.The currency of Ecuador will be familiar to most of us, it is the US dollar. Americans are also well liked and expats report that the locals are very friendly towards them making it easy to become absorbed into the local communities.

One can easily live very well on $10,000 to 15,000 a year per couple.Cheap living means very reasonable real estate both for purchase and rentalsIt so reasonable in fact many expats have two Ecuadorian residences. One might be in Cotacachi, or Cuenca , it will be in the Andes but not brutally cold because Ecuador sits on the Equator. If you like the big city, Quito is the place. You have access to culture and a beautiful colonial city, all at 9,000 feet elevation.The other abode might be on the beach in Manta. When you go to the beach be sure to sport a Panama hat...Ecuador is where they are made. Not Panama, Ecuador...go figure.

What do I mean by cheap living? How about being able to buy an apartment in Quito and have a beachfront condo in Manta... $100,000 and you are all set, that's for both properties. If you want to rent first, always a more prudent option, very nice apartments can be had for $500 in Quito, cheaper in the outlying areas.Domestic help can be arranged for about $30 per week. A doctor's visit will run around $15 for a GP, $20 for a specialist.People wishing to retire to Ecuador must be able to prove an income of $900 per month per couple. Your pension or Social Security is acceptable. A visa is needed as well; the visa fee is $350.12,000,000 people are currently living in Ecuador living in widely varying climates and scenery.

From Amazon jungles, to beaches to colonial cities set high in the Andes. If you want a change it won't take long to get to surroundings that you desire.If cheap living is your only motivator for living in Ecuador, you probably will be disappointed. You would be unhappy moving anywhere just because it is inexpensive. Instead if you have a sense of adventure, are self confident, and interested in living well...all in friendly environs, consider Ecuador as a place to retire.

Gary Pierce is the webmaster of he retired early at 49, still retired at 63. He has experience in lifestyles that are both fulfilling and frugal. It is 2009 and many are wondering if they can ever retire. Don't give up until you check out this website. Enjoy.Article Source:

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