Beware of some local realtors or whatever they call themselves

by Beth

February 8, 2011

I had to share this experience to warn anyone coming to Cuenca. Do not be fooled by the nice women who are telling you the sad story that they are a single mom wause we are giving to thith kids and it is so hard here, they are making more than we are because we want to help them. I came to Cuenca In September and stayed at the beautiful mansion alcazar. They are the nicest people. They referred me to a very nice young woman named Cary sanchez. cary took me around to look at rentals and I rented an apartment. I decided to move here. I went home packed up the dog and my two girls 10 and 13. We returned december 20. I decided to open up a bed and breakfast and was referred to a woman named martha Abril. martha seemed very trustworthy and of course we hit it off because we were both single moms.
I am on a very limited budget, but for some reason she assumed I won the lottery. she found me a home and it was perfect for my B&B.She ended up being very dishonest. When I gave her the money to pay the landlord she kept half for her commission before the contract was signed. People unless specified the renters pay the commission here. Make sure you know up front. She wanted me to go to her lawyer when I insited on a lawyer reading the lease. I did go to her lawyer and when I paid her lawyer the lawyer gave her money for bringing me in. The lease was wrong and I would have been screwed if it were not for that great girl Cary Sanchez reading it for me. She made the corrections and told the lawyer what to put in the lease. I am a realtor in Florida for twenty years, but I do not understand Spanish. Ethics, yes. That is what many lack here. You do not have to be licensed here. Many locals that did hair and nails are now realtors. BEWARE....Make sure before renting or buying you have it translated and notorized. Do not give money to the realtor. Find an attorney or call me or a friend for referances. I will be happy to talk to you about my experience. 095 26 0291 my skype is 561 283 4238
my name is Beth. There are many honest locals. Cary is one of them.

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Jun 09, 2015
Beware of Beth
by: Anonymous

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black!

Check out under Beth Nielsen Gavilanes or Beth Gavilanes.

Beware of her attempt to pass herself off as a real estate agent. She is notorious for her scams.

Jan 14, 2013
Your post
by: Ken

I find it incredulous that you, a former Realtor for all those years in Florida, would allow yourself to be taken in like this. I am a Broker and Owner along with my wife who is also a Broker and co-owner of our own Real Estate Company in Canada and have been for 25 years. You use the term Realtor too loosely Maam. Realtor as you should know is a term that is protected by NAR in the US and was Trademarked accordingly. A Realtor operates under a strict code of ethics and standards of business practices. I no of no company in Ecuador who are members of NAR (the National Association of Realtors) and therefore the people who sell real estate down there are not governed by those standards. You should have learned about the Term Caveat Emptor a long time ago. You really only have yourself to blame. I am also considering moving to Ecuador with my wife and I believe, as a broker, I would be very selective as to whom I chose to assist me in finding property to either rent or buy. I wish you all the best but please, don't be so gullable. Take care and good luck.

Feb 08, 2012
Juan Granda
by: Anonymous

Hello to all. My husband and I are currently living in Cuenca. We have been here for eight months. I'm writing to disagree with the gentleman that has posted his feelings regarding Juan Granda and his company.
We met Juan when first arriving in June of 2011. We had been communicating via e-mail for several weeks prior to our arrival.
Juan has always been forthright with us, regardless of our questions. He has been, without a doubt, the most helpful and generous person that we have met here. Most Cuencanos have been very nice and willing to help, but Juan has gone above and beyond the call of duty.
I have spoken with several other 'Gringos' regarding his services, and all of them have said that he has helped them tremendously and always with respect and honesty.
I would highly recommend Juan Granda for his assistance in any relocation service, or if you are simply looking for a true and loyal friend in Cuenca.

Apr 25, 2011
RE Agents
by: R. Deming

Carmen Vega is a woman to deal with. She is fantastic and honest. She has a reputation of the Vega family. I know her father, Eduardo Vega and Alexandra Vega.

I would not deal with Juan Carlos Granda at on a bet. He is dishonest and the attorney that works with him is currently questionable. I would not deal with, it appears that Perry with that company is working with Juan Granda.

These people are so dishonest they are holding my legal papers for ransom. I owe them nothing. In fact I have been more then kind to them (except Perry).

I have lived in Nigeria, Czech Republic, London and Mexico. Ecuador isn't any different then any of these countries actually. No different then in the states.

If you were to buy or rent a house in the states you would seek advise and/or legal. Same here in EC. People are liars, cheats and thieves everywhere in this world.

Do not put blame on any country. Put it on the people in the country. No exceptions for the sates...Madoff lives there too.

Feb 09, 2011
There are others
by: Janelle

Hi Beth I am sorry to hear of your problems. Although I do not know the people you speak of personally of have heard of one of them.

For others reading this please believe that there are others who are honest. One is Adriana Carasco of Cuenca Properties and her husband Juan Heredia. Another is Carmen Vega another realtor in Cuenca.

These people are very honest and reliable when it comes to renting or purchasing properties in Cuenca. I will be happy to give you their contact details if you wish. I have sent many many expats to them and they have been wonderful and everyone has been extremely happy with their work.

Yes Beth is right. Ecuador law is so unlike what we are used to. Make sure you do get everything checked out and read to you in English by someone you trust and then get it Notarized. Without getting it notarized you are absolutely lost.

There are honest people in the world and in Cuenca dont believe everything you read and make sure you check out and do your homework before entering into any legalities.

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