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Retire in Ecuador has remained one of the most viewed websites for retirees thinking of relocating to Ecuador. This website was founded in 2008 when an expat couple decided to see what Ecuador had to offer for retirees. A lot of the focus is on Cuenca, the third largest city but more pages are being built weekly which will also introduce you to other parts of this beautiful country.

RIE does not claim to be professional advisers and therefore please seek your own independent advice when using any of the services that are mentioned throughout the website. This website is FREE to read and also FREE for subscribers. SUBSCRIBE

Dixie built this website in January of 2008 at the beginning of her investigative journey into Ecuador. She never imagined that the website would become so popular or that she would experience such a journey. Dixie thanks all of her Ecuadorian friends for their help and support in the three years she lived in your beautiful country.

The website remains current as there are many participants such as local Ecuadorians and also expats who have relocated to Ecuador. We hope you enjoy the site and we would like to say thanks to the expats who are regular contributors to the website. You know who you are. May you all have a wonderful life in Ecuador.

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"Quito, Cotacachi, The Coast & Cuenca in 10 Days"