A small coastal town in Ecuador A gringo story


April, 2009

My husband and I,decided to retire in Ecuador from gringoland.Aged mid fifties,401K in the crapper.We based the decision on our growing American contempt( Abu graib,Gitmo,waterboarding,1 million dollars per minute on the Illegal Iraq war,3 billion per year beefing up Israeli war criminals.The financial meltdown hoax to enrich the enriched. The Obama Emperor wearing no clothes, the Clintonistas and the Bushite clique. Afghan 1 trillion dollar heroin scam and laundering the dirty money in Israeli banks,Tazer deaths of innocent protesters,fascism,the land of the duped sheeples to mention a few of our perspectives about USAs dispicable agendas) and as Americanos, if you hate the direction of your country,get out!Simple as ABC. You think?
We chose a coastal town in Ecuador because of our love affair with it and a lifelong love of the ocean.Ecuador research,spanned several years and numerous visits.No Espanol gave us an opportunity, the Ecuadoreans lack of English,forced us,to learn fast.We were a curiosity at first, and the first Gringos .A year ortwo later twenty Gringos are there. We quickly made friends with many Ecuadoreans,as well as Italians ,Germans, English and other Gringos
To extricate ourselves from our American mire was no small task,decades of possession hoarding and accumulation of things. Middleclass striving to reach the top of the phony heap,only to discover a horrible lie. Empire propaganda, warocracy, greed and general disregard for the suffering of most of planet earth.But hey the USA military industrial complex prevails and that is what counts.Here a war, there a war, everywhere a war war and take the planet to the brink of extinction. why not
Our effort to thwart our USA Gringo indoctrination was always, God willing.Our spiritual awakening ensued We owned a business,a home and real estate was slip sliding.Retirement required some income and like many, we were under the illusion/disillusion. USA real estate = "nest egg" The financial meltdown was happening rapidly.The other Gringos/aspiring Ex-Pats, in our coastal town were in a similar boat.
We did not want to hop on the same train of empty acquisition obssession, we wanted to give back .Big time. Our "so called priveleged life" history was to be transformed in the twinkling of an eye.Ecuador could use a little help. Gringo upon Gringo seemed to share the same premise. The trick was to figure it all out.
Ecuador infatuation was immediate for us.With each visit there, we did not want to return to USA. A pattern was developing. Each return visit to Ecuador, we loved the country more.Now Ecuador, is our home in every way. Not only has Ecuador become so but if we go to USA it is like going to LA LA again.
We are proudly global citizens,our cause is Palestine,our home is planet earth.Ecuador is an adventure,a challenge,a privelege,a gift from God.

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May 01, 2014
Seeking peace and freedom
by: Anonymous

Although I generally agree with your view as to how America has evolved from a democracy into a war-mongering plutocracy/oligarchy over the past 30+ years, my purpose in exploring Ecuador as a retirement destination is to find peace and freedom in my final years. Also, it is extremely difficult to retire in the U.S. with the high cost of living and ever-rising prices on necessities which always outpace a fixed income. Like millions of Americans, the depression of 2007/2008 totally destroyed my business and retirement nest egg; now at 61, I have no hope of retiring comfortably in the U.S. I have researched data on Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras to find that Ecuador offers a good quality of life for American retirees on fixed incomes. However, unlike you, I refuse to be bitter and instead choose to remain positive and optimistic about the future and I am looking forward to a new chapter of life in Ecuador.

Nov 29, 2013
Wisconsin or Ecuador?
by: Anonymous

I know many people retiring to Ecuador and that is great. I might, too. BUT, Wisconsin is a GREAT STATE. Maybe you should have tried living in a small rural town, AND unplugging your TV!! It sounds like you were an NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN news junkie. Exactly what was the point in that? You can also get involved in the seamy underbelly of politics in Ecuador if you want. Much more gruesome than the U.S.!

May 13, 2013
Sick of politicans
by: Anonymous

I will be leaving the U.S. permanently for the third time. The reasons are simple. I am fed up with the politics.
Fifty million people on welfare and most capable of work, Obama-care, cameras everywhere, can't take a beer to the beach, can't take a dog to the beach, Congress just makes laws nothing else,President has no balls, dollar going to hell, country is broke and in huge debt. I could go on for hours but I won't. I love or should say loved America but not any more. I have lived in Mexico and Venezuela. Both now very dangerous because of politicians. I hate politicians. I want less government telling me what I can & can't do. I enjoy having a beer on the beach and watching my dog play in the surf. Problem with America now is you can't use fun and legal in the same sentence. So Ecuador here I come trying again.
One thing to think about. Countries seldom get the government they need but they always get the government they deserve.

Apr 29, 2013
No change
by: Anonymous

Ila Enders,ordered a mosquito net from Australia, and when it hadn't arrived 3 days later cancelled the payment. When she was informed that the net was on the way and would take 6-10 days she replied with "excuses will not be tolerated" and refused to accept the order even when it arrived. This indignant and anger filled response was because she did not receive INSTANT gratification. This is part of the problem she claims to be rejecting. Instead of showing a little grace, her immediate response to not getting her own way instantly, was to react with indignant anger as if she was the center of the universe and everthing should happen when and how Ila Enders demands. It's your own attitude that needs to change Ila,try to view the world as a place of wonder and love, instead of a place that must do what you want. You may find a little joy.

Jan 19, 2013
by: Acadian1964

I will be retiring within the next 5-1o years and have been researching various options. So far, it seems that Ecuador meets my criteria, not because I am bitter towards the US, but because I am seeking new adventure and experiences. I have a much more personal story than the highly bitter and angry Gringo who posted their contempt as as an Afghanistan Vet, I lost friends and colleagues on the battlefield. I am glad that, as , an American , I have the financial to pursue such an option.

Dec 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

It is simply amazing how angry people can be. I respect your opinion about the US. You have many facts to base your opinion on. So why all the hatred in these reviews? Dumbfounding to me.

Congratulations on escaping the madness in the US. I have spent the last three months in Chiang Mai, Thailand and understand how good it can be to escape the US. Will be going to Cuenca soon to check it out next.

Best wishes. Ingnore the anger here, those people have much to learn, need to open their minds and hearts. You are on the right path.

Oct 20, 2012
You don't speak for all Expates living in Ecuador
by: Anonymous

I find your story very sad. Your political mind set is suspect. Your view of the 'state of affairs' is disgusting. I wish you the best, but in the future keep your political views as a gringo to your self. You do not speak for me. signed

Gringo living on the coast.

Feb 23, 2012
Does Ecuador have mental health care?
by: Stan

Your story is not a story at all. It is simply a rant about your hatred for a country and all the people in it. I came to this page looking for a story about Ecuador and found nothing redeeming about your hateful speech. I hope Ecuador gives you a beautifl place to heal your heart and Mind. I will pray for you and hope that you can begin to see the goodness in people sgsin and dwell on that to find some joy in your life again. Stop and smell the roses, forgive whomever has wronged you, move on and find peace. I feel sad for you. if you ever met me in person, i would not say word to you, but simply avoid you. You sound like such an mean spirited person with an ugly aura.

Feb 22, 2012
get lost
by: Anonymous

you should leave ecuador before you screw it up with your mind set

Jan 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

I love your dream. Best of luck with it! Ken {genia].

Jun 11, 2011
by: Marg

Wow! If these are the kinds of people moving to Ecuador...full of anger and vitrol....and can't even spell. ..I'm staying her in the good ol' US of A!

Jun 03, 2011
thank you Ila
by: george

Ila i just want to say that you got testicles than most americans i have ever known . i have made similar critics about usa before and i was immediately demonized by others. we need more people like you . is not about USA bashing but about being honest and facing the sad reality that america might no longer be the country it was meant to be(if ever it was).
thanks. jorge

Mar 23, 2010
both barrels! like it or not. (free speech)
by: Anonymous

"Was looking into ecuador" WHY ARE YOU ANNONYMOUS?.Is head in the sand your preferred modis operandi?.
There is NO geographical place on planet earth that can be a solution to a closed mind.

Like the old worn out blanket that you did not let go of, as an infant,not even to let it go through the washing machine,the furtive framework of American deception is based on the same premise.The need to believe in the comfort,even if it is in shreds and has a stench.

"For my part,whatever anguish of spirit,it may cost,I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst and to deal with it.'PATRICK HENRY.

What is "sad" is that the once blessed nation of, could have,should have,been GREAT,is reduced to a nation,run by GREEDY PSYCHOPATHS.(The three pillars of USSA decline,(post financial Coup) are,Corporations and their lobbyists,organised crime/banksters and old boys club of congressional billionares) Corruption in a nutshell.
The military industrial shills via their POT OF GOLD worshipping rituals,sold a helpless population a bill of goods!
There is NO political system in Entropied America.There are the rigged Diebolds,the media who tell the people how to be good consumers and the FILTHY RICH.Allegiance to MONEY and in debt we trust,clique
Dumbed down duped sheeples are mostly TRAPPED in a system of make believe.They do not believe in the tooth fairy anymore.
UNCOMFORTABLE is when the resonance is 401k or pension or social security or doomed dead dollar NON EXISTENT,have been robbed and the peoples'(from
a lifetime of work and dedication) remuneration is OFF SHORE Somewhere.LONG GONE.

The deniers abound but there is no escaping the common sense of the people.Of whom I am one.The half brained may want their illusions but you would have to be stone deaf,dumb and blind, not to see America for what it is.That would be the majority of Americans on planet earth,regrettably.So pick a place,anywhere and look in the mirror,same image is going to be before you.
21st century America, is based on LIES, BULLYING the rest of the planet, STEALING from the poor and vulnerable,and justifying through Mainstream media garbage/propaganda despicable conduct.Conduct unbecoming to a nation OF GREAT PRIVELEGE.MAY GOD HELP PLANET EARTH.

Mar 21, 2010
Was looking into Ecuador...
by: Anonymous

Is your attitude prevalent there? I have lived all around the world and traveled extensively, and have found most places have warts. The main reason I am considering moving away from the U.S. is to get away from the hostile political polarizing environment. After reading your blog, I'm afraid it's everywhere. How terribly sad.

Nov 19, 2009
Thanks !
by: Steve

You said this very well. Thanks for speaking the truth.

I'm outta here myself as soon as possible!


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