But Where is Ecuador?

Ecuador is located in South America and is bordered by Columbia and Peru.  The equator passes through the city of Quito

Ecuador Facts

  • Population: About 15.74 million
  • Climate:  Ecuador is known for its micro climates, learn more here.
  • Major airports with U.S. flights: Quito, Cuenca and Guayaquil. Complete list of airports in Ecuador.
  • Nearest U.S. consulate: Quito and Guayaquil.

Ecuador still remains #1 (THE VERY BEST) of the Top Ten Internationally Rated Best Places in the World to Retire to! After being rated the number one spot to retire to for the past several years in a row, Ecuador has AGAIN newly retained its #1 rated position for 2015 as well (and Ecuador will quite likely be selected again in 2016 and beyond, because as a Retirement Haven it is simply known by the Expats who move here as second to none and also as the "best home away from home"!).

Cuenca remains to be a place for retirees to relocate to with having over 8,000 expats.  But besides Cuenca, more people are also relocating to other beautiful areas of Ecuador, as Retirement Cuenca Ecuador Cost of Living compared to the US or Canada is truly just a small fraction to have a standard of living in Ecuador fit for luxury in relation to the US or Canada. And, it is VERY COMMON for Shipping Containers to Cuenca OR Shipping Containers to Ecuador of your Household Goods (Ecuador Container Shipping) to any city or town in Ecuador that you wish to make your new Ecuador home (the cost of shipping Household Goods to Ecuador or shipping Household Items to Ecuador is very reasonable when considering how relatively expensive new high quality appliances are in Ecuador as compared to North American or European prices).

The best part of checking out this beautiful but small diverse country is that you have a choice of where you may like to live, from the mountains to the coast or you may like a more tropical location.

Whatever your final choice make sure you do take the time to research and spend time experiencing the country first hand.  It may not always be what you want it to be and for some it is quite a "Culture Shock" which they may not be prepared for.

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"Quito, Cotacachi, The Coast & Cuenca in 10 Days"