Valentines Day in Ecuador

For Ecuador, Valentine’s Day is synonymous to  growth in the flower sector. Ecuadorian roses in particular are flown to all parts of the world.

Ecuadorians are quite the romantics and you will find activities happening all around the country.  Valentines Day seems to go on for about 4 days in some parts of Ecuador like Cuenca where you will find all sorts of Valentines gifts such as stuffed animals, candy, balloons and of course lots and lots of roses.

Restaurants and Hotels are generally packed to the brim with lovers spending a romantic dinner together.  Many special packages are offered throughout the country to make this day very special.

But there are others who have a different point of view. This compilation of footage of the celebration of 2011 in The Naranjilla Mechanics, Quito, Ecuador. It is a fictional celebration that was created a few years ago to reflect critically on violence in the world. Held every February 13 and seeks to make us ponder the absurd pervasiveness of violence, hatred and intolerance in human life at all levels, from family relations to the coexistence of nations. San Violentine name and date are obviously an intentional parody of Valentine's Day.

San Violentín 2011 from Ilustradores Ecuatorianos on Vimeo.

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