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Uzhupud means “Hot Chili Pepper ValleyUzhupud is situated in Paute about a 40 minute drive out of Cuenca. So why the name Hot Chili Pepper Valley. The name combines two native languages. Uzhu which in Quichua means hot chili pepper , and Pud which in Cañar means plain or flat.  “Hostería Uzhupud” is a delightful place to come and visit and stay a night or two. The “Hacienda” has a wonderful history and dates back over 100 years. The current owners of the “Hacienda” are the descendants of Don Cornelio Vintimilla Muñoz and his wife Doña Esther Muñoz Dávila and their grandchildren.

The “Hostería” sits on the land where the old “Hacienda” used to be surrounded by larger family homes which the Muñoz and Vintimilla family lived. The family was very productive and during a 20 year period they produced some renowned worldwide products. Some of these you may have seen on the shelf at Super Maxi, like Los Andes Ketchup amongst some products.  Eulalia Vintimilla de Crespo, one of the family Matriarchs also produced a recipe book named is "El Sabor de los Recuerdos". Quite famous in Ecuador.

The grounds are extensive and very well kept. You will enjoy walking around and seeing all the wonderful healthy plants and trees. Enjoy delicious fresh food in the restaurant or eat alfresco. All food is prepared with fresh vegetables grown on the property.

The weather in Paute is generally a few degrees warmer than Cuenca. Take some time out, book a night or two, relax by the pool and enjoy a sauna or Turkish bath. In the near future you will also be able to enjoy the facilities of a Spa.

Uzhupud is also an ideal place for those that are traveling here for medical reasons. If you should be having any surgery or extensive dental work here you may like to consider taking the opportunity to be taken out to Uzhupud to rest up for a few days in peace and beautiful surroundings.

Km. 32 vía Paute Phone. (593) 7 225-0374

Fax. (593) 7 225-0373

Paute - Ecuador

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