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The SuperMaxi logo which you will find in most of the bigger cities of Ecuador.

When I first moved to Cuenca, Ecuador in 2008 I was absolutely thrilled to find the SuperMaxi.  At that time my Spanish was not very good and I thought that all my shopping for groceries needed to be done at the markets.  Mind you I love shopping at the markets, and the range of produce and prices are generally quite different to SuperMaxi.

But what I did love was that I could walk through this very clean and well presented Supermarket and find what I was looking for on the shelves without having to think of what the Spanish translation was.  Of course the longer you live and associate with locals the more your Spanish will improve.  

The SuperMaxi has a wonderful deli section offering a wide range of meats, cheeses, olives, fish and more.  Each store also has a bakery on site along with a wide selection of packaged sliced bread.  The vegetables are wide and varied but the price does differ somewhat with that of the markets.  Each store also had a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits.

There are many imported items from North America and Europe which you will find alongside the Ecuadorian brands.  

Prices in SuperMaxi may vary and mostly are a little more expensive than if you bought at the local markets.

SuperMaxi offer 20% discount on all fruit, vegetables and flowers on a Wednesday.  On a Friday you get a 10% discount for meat,  poultry, fish, seafood and eggs to welcome the weekend.

There always seems to be some sort of promotion happening in store and SuperMaxi also offer a loyalty discount card which is free to obtain and can save you some money if you are contemplating doing a lot of shopping in the convenience of a SuperMaxi.  The card can also be used at other localities where you can obtain further discounts.

SuperMaxi has 32 stores around Ecuador including 3 in Cuenca. SuperMaxi have recorded that they stock over 19,000 items both Ecuadorian and imports in their stores and that they are the largest supermarket chain in Ecuador.

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