Why is Ecuador One of the Best Places to Retire in the World? Affordable Retirement Living For One
Stephanie Hofstetler

The Republic of Ecuador is fast becoming the number one best retirement haven in the world.

One could sum up retirement in this South American country in one cliché-value for your money.

If you're living on a tight budget, some say that for US$250 you would be able to cover your expenses for an entire month. Just remember not to over spend and that you have to stick to the budget otherwise there is no point of putting up a monthly expense ceiling.

Apart from purchasing groceries from a local market to stock up on food and other personal necessities, that could probably sustain you for a month, you could probably indulge in one frivolity every month, such as buying a blouse or watch a movie with a friend.

If you have grown bored of living in Ecuador and would want to visit other countries, going in and out of the country has become less costly now that some airlines have introduced lower fares to some destinations. They have made this travel promotion available to foreign pensioners. Again, that is another way to put prime value for your money.

Retirees, or those who are 65 years old and above, can take advantage of this flight incentive. Airfares to North American and European countries have been slashed by 50 percent by several airlines.

The state has also offered big discounts to retiree retirees in terms of their tax payments, utility bills and even on entertainment. By entertainment, it would probably include watching a game of football, which so happens to be the favorite sport in Ecuador. You could also use it clubbing or watching movies.

Another benefit of retiring to Ecuador is the weather. It suits the pensioner crowd that a large area of the 98,985 sq mi country enjoys tropical weather, with a few months allocated for rain. This is a welcome respite, especially for those who have lived or worked in countries where the climate is cold or snowing almost the whole year round.

There are several wonderful several beaches lined up along its coastline, just right for those leisure walks. You could also watch as the local and foreign surfers ride the waves or wait as the next member of a paragliding club cross the azure sky.

Ecuador is slowly waking up from its long economic slumber and has been issuing invitations, particularly to foreign pensioners, to come to their country not only for a short visit but to consider living there permanently. There is much more to discover about this beautiful place, find out more about the best places to retire - http://www-bestplacestoretire.com/

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