Senior Benefits in Ecuador

Ecuador still remains to be one of the best places in the world for retirees. It is one of the few countries in the world that allows you to enter with an automatic 90 day tourist visa. Whilst visiting and you decide to stay longer you can apply for a further 90 day extension of the tourist visa which is called a 12-IX Tourist Visa. Always check with your consulate as rules and regulations can change quite rapidly in Ecuador.

Senior Citizen Benefits in Ecuador

If you receive a pension which has a minimum income of $800 which you receive from a stable pension or trust fund, then you are eligible to apply for a 9-I Pensioner Visa. If you have a spouse or a dependent an extra $100 per month would be required to be received by you making the total $900 per month. Basically add you will be required to add $100 for each dependent. The pensioner visa will entitle you too many of the retirement benefits in Ecuador except the right to vote.

Now if you are a senior citizen who is 65 years old or over who is legally established in Ecuador as a resident the following benefits apply.

· Access to free health care and medication

· 50% discounts in public and private transportation services.

· Discounts for special events such as movie tickets or sporting events. Also entry to galleries and theatre plays, although many are FREE in the city of Cuenca.

· Special tax exemptions.

· Exemption from notarial and registration fees in accordance with the law.

· 50% off electric and water bills.

· 50% off round trip international flights from Ecuador. These are available through the airlines Copa, AeroGal and Taca.

· FREE landline. This is for domestic calls ONLY. International or long distance has a fee. (Check with your service provider).

If you are a senior citizen who still makes bank deposits in a branch then guess what? You pass and go straight to the front of the line.

In Ecuador senior citizens do not carry a special card and you will only be required to show your Ecuadorian Census or National ID card. (Embassay of the United States)


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