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Ecuador News
May 17, 2014

Residency Visas and Containers into Ecuador


1) Ecuador Visas, Ecuador Containers, Cuenca Visas, Cuenca Containers:

$950 ALL INCLUSIVE COST “ECUADOR RESIDENCY VISA” OR $400 ALL INCLUSIVE COST “ECUADOR TEMPORARY VISA 12-9 or 12-10”; Inexpensive, Fast and Reliable Service for all Cuenca Ecuador Gringo Visas and any Ecuador Immigration Visa Services, Ecuador Pensioner Visa 9-I, Ecuador Investor Visa 9-II, Ecuador Professional Visa 9-V, Ecuador Work Visa, Ecuador Amparo Visa for Marriage, Including Pet Passport Ecuador & Cuenca Veterinarians!

2) Ecuador Translations, Ecuador Notarizations & Cuenca Ecuador Banking

3) Ecuador Legal Documents, Ecuador Legal Services: Starting a Business in Ecuador, Ecuador Real Estate Closing (Ecuador Minuta), Ecuador Drivers License, Ecuador Passport Service, Cuenca Cedula Office, Ecuador Citizenship Requirements, Ecuador Visa Requirements - All Service Types of Ecuador Immigration Lawyer, Ecuador Solicitor, Ecuador Immigration Attorney, Ecuador Immigration Service & Ecuador Visa Service for Immigration to Ecuador

4) Ecuador Accounting, US Accounting: Ecuador Income Taxes, US Income Taxes & FBAR IRS Reporting for $10,000+ Ecuadorian Bank Accounts

5) Cuenca Ecuador Rentals, Cuenca Ecuador Real Estate (Cuenca Ecuador Realty), Cuenca Ecuador Construction & Cuenca Ecuador Renovations

6) Find Health in Ecuador with FREE Referrals to Doctors in Cuenca Ecuador & FREE Referrals to Dentists in Cuenca Ecuador

7) Ecuador Medical Tourism: For Friends & Family Members of Cuenca Expats

8) FREE Medicare in Cuenca Ecuador, FREE Cuenca Ecuador Pharmacy Discounts, Cuenca Ecuador Health Insurance, Cuenca Ecuador Assisted Living, Cuenca Spanish Lessons, Cuenca Spanish Classes, Cuenca Spanish Schools

9) Official Trips to US and Ecuadorian Consulate in Guayaquil and Quito & Ecuadorian Ministry in Quito & Guayaquil; Pleasure Trips by Cuenca Taxi Van to Ecuadorian Coast, Vilcabamba, Loja, Ingapirca, Devil’s Nose Train, Ecuadorian Amazon & Peru (Traveling to Ecuador and Moving to Ecuador tours as well!)

10) Friendship among Cuenca Gringos & Ecuador Expats

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Yanapuma's Spanish school in Cuenca (Santa Ana de los Cuatro Rios de Cuenca in full!) is situated in the heart of this historic colonial Andean city only two blocks from the Parque Calderón and the Catedrál. We offer the same high-quality Spanish courses that we have offered in our Quito school for the past 7 years, with our team of professional and qualified teachers.

Students can study from 2 to 4 hours per day, up to 5 days per week, in individual classes, small group or couples classes, or in special daily conversation and pronunciation classes. We offer courses tailored to the needs and learning styles of older students.

In addition we have our "Cuenca Cultural" package. This package combines 4 hours per day, 20 hours per week of Spanish classes with visits to some of Cuenca’s cultural treasures accompanied by a teacher. Four excursions per week are included, offering plenty of opportunity for exploring the city and practicing your Spanish at the same time.

This package is ideal for those who want to combine more touristic pursuits with learning Spanish or those who would like the added comfort of seeing the sights with a local guide. And if you have particular interests that you would like to follow while you are in Cuenca we will be happy to arrange visits to alternative sites.

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3 Day Cuenca Discovery Tour

Bienvenidos - Welcome Nestled in the Andean Mountains is the beautiful UNESCO heritage city of Cuenca. This charming city with its cobblestone streets and balconied buildings is a delight to explore whether on foot or by public transport. It is also an extremely affordable city to travel through ... READ MORE

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