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Ecuador News
August 30, 2013

Ornate Hawk Eagle

This incredible juvenile Ornate Hawk Eagle ( a really good bird!!) was recently spotted, on the morning of August 27th, 2013 perched on a Balsa tree at the Buenaventura Reserve. Most importantly, this is a species of large eagle that has become very rare in western Ecuador due to deforestation and hunting. It used to be seen regularly in the Buenaventura region back in the 1980s, then they seemed to disappear. Now, in 2013, they’ve reappeared, with an adult and now this juvenile being seen increasingly regularly. The latter is an indication that nesting at Buenaventura must be occurring; the next step, of course, is to find the nest. It’s encouraging: as the forest recovers, and prey populations (mostly small mammals, some birds) recover, rare raptors like these have a chance to increase. Buenaventura is home to many raptors; this one is perhaps the rarest and most beautiful. One seems to be totally gone, the Solitary Eagle, not seen since around 1990 – but who knows, it’s possible one still may reappear. Robert (Jocotoco Foundation)

The Jocotoco Foundation is an Ecuadorian non-government organization established in 1998 to protect land of critical importance to the conservation of Ecuador’s endangered birds and associated biodiversity. The Foundation primarily achieves this by purchasing lands and managing them as ecological reserves. Read More

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